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How Online Casino Games are Played

It is not surprising that many people do not know the essentials of casino games and many avoid playing even online as they feel that the games are huge masses of intimidating rules and conditions. Actually, most games are simple in play and it is easy to learn these even online without a next person to watch playing so as to learn from them. There are several online casino games that can be played and here are some of the most popular games rules.

The Casino Game Blackjack

Blackjack is perhaps one of the oldest casino games and is explained in great detail on The game dates back to the earliest historians have been able to gather information on; this would be around 1600 and accredited to Don Quixote. At the time it was named in the Spanish equivalent of the number twenty-one. This was because only twenty-one cards were played from a deck with some of the numbers like '8' and '9' removed.

In Blackjack, players do not play against other players. All players play against the dealer.

At start the player are given a hand of two cards each and have the option to increase and add to these cards. When the cards hit a total of twenty-one in total, the player is said to be bust. However, with a total less than twenty-one but higher than that of the dealer, the player wins.

One of the Easiest Casino Games To Learn is Roulette

A popular casino game, roulette is one of the games in which the odds are usually against the player and bases much on luck, yet has the most following with people willing to test the odds. Historically, the game can be traced back to as far back as the eighteenth century. It is believed to have been modified due to a deal made with the devil by a man name Francois Blanc. Perhaps, this is because the total of the 1-36 numbers on the wheel add up to 666 which is religiously the number of the beast.

It is played on a numbered wheel table which is further demarcated into pockets. There are red and black coloured numbers from 1-36 and an extra pocket normally coloured in green. The variations are that with one extra green pocket the game is called a green zero or it may be a double green zero. The players place wagers on the board, the wheel spun and when it stops, each winning bet is cashed.


This Casino game is played like a lottery game in which one picks a choice of any number of cards between 1 and 15 cards from the game's 1-80 figure character cards. Cards are then drawn at random and the winning scenario known as a catch is when any of the numbers picked is drawn. The payout is then based on the number of cards drawn as well as the number of catches made. The fewer the number of cards drawn the higher the money paid.


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