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Three Activities Punters will Love

If you're a punter who is looking for some new, fun activities to add to your list of hobbies -then look no further! While betting on horses is incredibly exhilarating and fun, sometimes it is good to mix it up a bit, and explore other activities. We have specifically hand chosen some great alternative activities that you are sure to enjoy as much as you enjoy betting on horse races!

Casino games

Betting on horses and casino games have a lot in common. Both are high stakes activities that give you that great rush of adrenaline because you often stand to win or lose a lot of money. Playing casino games will give you the same type of joy and excitement you get when you bet on horse races. If you do not live near a casino, do not worry! Online casinos such as Royal Vegas are there to provide you with great casino games to keep you entertained. Royal Vegas table games include roulette, baccarat, blackjack as well as poker -all of which are fun and thrilling. There are more than 60 table games for you to explore and choose from. At Royal Vegas you are given a really great new player welcome bonus to set you off on the right track, with more money with which to bet! The welcome bonus is valued at $1200 and can really make a huge difference to your long-term winnings!

Horseback riding

Chances are that if you are a punter, you probably like horses to some degree. However, many punters have limited actual experience with horses. Horseback riding is a really cool activity to do. On-going horse riding lessons can be incredibly expensive, but many ranches and farms will offer outrides or trail rides on the beach, farm or general land. Even if you have never ridden a horse before, this will be pretty tame as the horses are used to going slowly and are generally well-trained. These outrides can be incredibly relaxing and a lot of fun to do with your friends, family or significant other. Getting out into nature, and riding a horse is such a great way to spend your free time and appreciate your surroundings.

Formula 1 racing

If the speed of the horses racing is what makes being a punter enjoyable to you, perhaps you would enjoy watching formula 1 racing? Try watching some races on the television to see if this tickles your fancy. If it does, investigate whether there is a racecourse near you where you can go and see the action live! The atmosphere at horse races and that found at car races is very similar so you will enjoy that too.

So there are our top suggestions for activities that you as a punter are sure to enjoy! Try them all out to see which one is your favourite! You are bound to have heaps of fun, and maybe even find an activity that you want to incorporate into your life.


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