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Gambling Myths Debunked


Gambling in casino, may it be online or not, is an exciting past time that will not only help you earn money, but will also give you an exhilarating experience that will make you come back for more. You can choose from old school slot machines, roulettes or from the newest Microgaming casinos. Playing and gambling can also enhance your focus and mathematical ability, your logic, and ability to predict the next move. While it is an enjoyable game for regular casino players, there are some things that are perceived differently by the non-casino playing crowds that would sometimes put regular players in a bad spotlight. People would think that casino players are very rich or that they are spending way too much money on a hobby that is not worthwhile. So we have listed some popular casino myths and explain why these myths are not true.

1. Sad and depressed people are the only ones who gamble online.

Lonely people would normally try to look for something to do to get their mind off things. They might go and read a book, go places or acquire a new hobby but not all lonely would go to an online casino to spend their time playing and betting on different casino games. You can consider laziness as one factor why a person would go to an online casino to play, or it is just more affordable to play online casino rather that to go outside, fall in line for the chips and mingle with other people. Gambling is where you can enhance your social skills since you will get to talk with other players and ask for a trick or two hidden on their sleeves.

2. Casinos have surveillance cameras that are watching your every move, every time.

Now that we are on the digital era, everything that occurs is recorded most of the time. If you are paranoid about having your every move watched by the security cameras, just remember that if there is no reason to replay the camera footage, then there is no reason for you to worry. These cameras are readily available if there are mistakes that might go unnoticed by the dealer's naked eyes. There are mistakes that would happen and would often fly under the radar. You cannot easily cheat since the pit manager, the floor supervisors and the dealers are well-trained to look out for people who would take advantage of the casino. Also, surveillance workers working behind the security cameras are most of the time not allowed inside the casino for reasons of conspiracy and cheating against the house.

3. Casinos have a way of making people addicted to gambling.

This might be the most popular myth and you might have heard it too. The only thing is, this is also the most false and has no basis. Being addicted to gambling is scary that might end up with serious repercussions. Keep in mind that casinos prefer casual regular who knows how to play within their limits. Casinos would have a way or another to get what they have lost so they prefer to not deal with depressed people who cannot deal with their gambling problems.

4. Casino games are rigged.

Most people who never had the chance to step on a legitimate casino would think that they are earning money because the machines are rigged. There are laws strictly enforced to make sure that fairness is applied in the entire establishment. Casinos are legally licensed especially those who are online. They are also regularly audited according to their payout percentage and gaming software. This is to make sure that their games will not contain any conceptual errors, bugs or dishonest procedures. Casinos does not need to cheat as there are plenty of players who fail to keep track of their pot or even apply the strategy that they need to apply. And with the volume of players who would place their bet on a day to day basis, you do not have to double think about how casinos are raking in a lot of cash.

5. If a slot machine won a hit, it will not hit again any time soon.

There are rules of probability that is based on a number of trials when it comes to playing the slot machine. Random number generator determines the outcome of a lot machine based on probability. Let us say that you have a 0.0003 probability of hitting the jackpot. This does not necessarily mean that you will not hit the pot again. The random number generator does not have a memory of all the combination that appeared on the slot machine's screen. It can be any combination; it can be the same one. Playing the slot machine is a game of chance and the next win can be yours or not.

6. Casinos encourage teenagers to play.

If you have been on a casino, the security is actually very strict when it comes to checking if there are teenagers attempting to get inside. They maintain a very rigorous identification check to avoid minors being involved. This method is for the confirmation through the credit card company or other financial institution that the customers or players are using where they have an account open. They are also very strict when it comes to bringing children inside the establishment as there are liquors and cigarettes that may affect their health.

You might hear negative things about playing in a casino and it may have an effect on how you look at casinos. But with proper research and at least checking the casinos out for yourself is a step forward to change what you think about casinos, whether you play online or not. Just remember that you should always have fun when playing, know your limits and always have a trick on your sleeve on every game that you will play.

Images used by 422737 and TheAndrasBarta under Public Domain CC0


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