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Avoiding Bum Bonuses and Dodgy Deals from Online Casinos
From Lisa Gambit in the UK: February 2014

There cannot be a sensible person reading this right now who would turn down the offer of £1,500 in cash, if it was offered to them on a silver platter, no questions asked. Realistically however, the chances of this ever happening in the course of the average lifetime are pretty much zero. Cash on this level simply isn't given away for no good reason, so it's not the kind of offer you expect to come your way.

But if this is the case, why exactly are thousands of online casinos and gaming sites in general offering new members bonuses that sometimes go way beyond the £1,500 mark? Even in instances where you might personally need to deposit £200 into your account, surely the promise of a quick and easy four-figure bonus makes doing so more than worthwhile, right?

Wrong - there's no such thing as a free lunch and this also applies in the instance of online casinos.

Misleading Marketing

If you cast your mind back a few years to when online casino gaming wasn't such a huge industry, you might remember these kinds of deals simply didn't exist. Why? It's simple really - there wasn't a great deal of competition and therefore those in this line of work were able to attract customers with much more sensible, realistic offers.

These days however, there are literally thousands of online casinos up and running which means that brands of all shapes and sizes are taking it into their hands to offer outrageous bonuses and promotions, in order to try and win over new members. Unfortunately, though not entirely surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of these bonuses are bogus.

Too Good To Be True?

The single best rule of thumb to follow when it comes to avoiding dodgy deals is to ask yourself - does it seem too good to be true? Or in other words, is it the kind of deal you would never be offered anywhere else under any circumstances, or is it something of a modest deal you might be offered elsewhere? If the answer falls into the former bracket, chances are you're looking at something decidedly dodgy.

In addition, while reading the terms and conditions in full isn't the kind of thing most gamblers will ever do...even though they should…it's usually pretty easy to get the inside scoop on what's happening. Specialist websites like Casino Papa for example offer independent reviews with something of a focused look at the kinds of bonuses and promotions that can be deceptive to say the least. To do a little homework is to help ensure you make the right decision.

Beyond Bonuses

Above all else however, the most important tip from the experts is that of being sure to never base any of the decisions you make with regard to casino selection around bonuses alone. Even in the rare case of a bonus that's actually generous, a decent bonus cannot make up for a crappy casino the likes of which you may wish you never bothered within the first place.

Bonuses should be thought of as exactly that - something of an additional, optional and supplementary extra that is neither guaranteed nor the be all and end all of things.

Shift your thinking a little and the rest usually falls into place quite naturally.

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