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Selecting a Bookmaker to Bet With
From Karen Cummings: March 2018

There are many choices when it comes to picking an online bookmaker.

This is good in the sense that many choices equates to competition, which means that all the betting agencies are expending great effort to earn your business, trying to outdo one another with many intriguing offers.

The downside is that so many choices can lead to confusion when you are in the comparison stage. It is easy to find an attractive feature to using a certain bookmaker, but also easy to forget which bookmaker was offering that feature.

Here are a few tips to provide insight and make the choice a bit simpler.

1. Picking a bookie is not a life or death proposition

We have seldom encountered an online bookmaker that requires more than $10 to fund an account and establish a membership. The level of risk and financial commitment is so low that it is practically comical. A good tactic here is to sign up with as many as you want, if doing so does not subject you to the issue we mentioned earlier.

2. Choose a bookmaker that best caters to your convenience

All the domestically based Australian bookies will be extremely easy with which to deal. If you want to go to the racecourse and have a look at the gallopers before entering a wager, you might want a bookie with on-course facilities, although any agency makes it absurdly simple to place a bet with a few taps and swipes on your mobile.

If you want to take an after dinner stroll, and get a punt or two on while you are out, you might prefer a bookie that has some retail outlets.

3. Look for a bookie that offers the best odds and the lowest margins

Even for the occasional punter, the one who comes out for the Mel-bourne Cup, the footy finals and other major events, keeping expenses low via low margins makes sense in order to realise maximum dividends from winning wagers. Finding the best odds requires a willingness to shop the various agencies. Odds differences between bookmakers are typically miniscule, but a couple of cents here and a couple of cents there all adds up; more so if you intend to make multiple wagers in any given period of time.

4. Pay attention to websites and mobile wagering applications

If you plan to spend any time doing research and looking for good wa-gers, a bookmaker with a well-designed website and mobile applications might be one of the most critical criteria you will encounter. The bookies tweak their web pages and mobile apps all the time, but it is important to find those that are the least distracting. Neds, for example, has one of the more user-friendly sites we have seen, but as a new agency, as of late 2017, you might find their offerings a bit slim. Ladbrokes, on the other hand, has wagering platforms that are a little bit crowded, but they have every market thoroughly covered.

5. Do not be lured by free sign-up bonus bets

These typically have so many restrictions pertaining to where you live. Our research indicates that roughly 98 percent of the population of the country will not be able to participate in most bookmaker sign-up bonuses. Important: Many bookmaker affiliates can legally circumvent geo-graphical restrictions and offer sign-up bonuses that are actually useful.

6. If you want to wager online and on live markets, you have to go international

This is a simple reality under the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. In-ternational bookmakers typically ignore this law and Australian citizens are not subject to prosecution, as enforcement would require the gov-ernment to take a Big Brother role that is simply not feasible, given government efficiency and resources.

The caution here is that by going offshore, you give up some of the safeguards that come with having a bookmaker with a local presence.

7. Pay attention to ongoing bookie bonus promotions

Unlike sign-up bonuses, most people can participate in the promotions the bookmakers run. These are quite fun and quite variable, designed to keep your interest level high, so that you visit the bookmaker's pages often.

8. Ask your mates

Given the Australian love of a punt, you probably know dozens of people who can fill you in on the pros and cons of any bookmaker you care to consider. Getting recommendations from someone you know permits you to weigh the information you receive against your opinion of the person supplying that information.

Combine the information your mates supply with one or several visits to the websites of any bookmaker you are considering.


Remember to view wagering as a recreational activity. If you find your-self unable to resist an urge to punt, you run serious risks in many areas of your life. The domestic bookmakers all offer assistance with regard to recognising that point where wagering has left the realm of occasional fun and entertainment and crossed over to the realm of addiction.

Keep in mind, however, that the primary thrust of their business is to encourage you to wager, so you might want to consider using a bookmaker that permits you to establish wagering limits of various types.



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