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Best online bookmakers operating in Australia
From Timothy Upton: June 2018



Throughout the year, online bookies operating in Australia like Sportsbet, William Hill and Crownbet treat punters to some of the best bookmaker promotions available. Some of our racing events rank with the most exciting and prestigious racing carnivals in the world, including the Golden Slipper Carnival in March (Summer), the Darwin Cup Carnival in July (Winter) and the Melbourne Cup Carnival in October and November (Spring).

Apart from the standard business model of bookmaking for Australians, there is also Betfair, a 'betting exchange' where punters bet against each other. The market (odds) on Betfair is framed by the punters and not the 'house', producing generally better odds. Aussie punters opening a new account can get a useful Betfair bonus for Australia.

It's been a slow process, but Australian horse racing has been gaining in prominence in recent years. This seems to correspond with top online bookmakers now offering horse racing from "down under." Combined with horse racing from many of the world's top racing venues in the U.K., North America, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan and Germany, online bookmakers can now offer their clients superior content when it comes to wagering on horses.

The Best Australian Bookmakers for Horse Racing

When the world's top online bookmakers finally noticed the high quality of horse racing from Australia, Australian punters became the real winners. Not only did they get unparalleled access to races in their homeland, but they also gained access to world class horse racing from the top venues in the world. That's a gift that just keeps on giving for an Australian who loves punting on the ponies.

With this in mind, online bookmakers have put forth a tremendous effort to give Australian punters what they want. As mentioned previously, the best horse racing bookmakers operating in Australia include the likes of Betfair, Sportsbet, William Hill and Crownbet. While not intending to slight other Australian bookmakers that do a fine job of providing top-notch services, these bookmakers all have a rich history of being amongst the top gaming conglomerates in the world.

Selecting an Online Horse Racing Bookmaker

When it comes to selecting a new online bookmaker, punters should take into account a site's reputation, financial stability, available horse racing venues, types of wagers offered and promotions. All of the online bookmakers mentioned here score high in each of these five categories. They all have great reputations, a high financial profile, a complete menu of horse racing venues and plenty of betting options. The only thing that sets them apart from each other are their website designs, the odds and promotions offered and whether their model is 'standard bookmaker' or 'betting exchange'.


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