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8 Celebrities You Did Not Know Loved Playing In Casinos
From Gina Hutchings: June 2016


While celebrities look like they have wonderful extravagant lives, but when their at home they are just average people who enjoy the same hobbies in their spare time like the rest of us. When they are free from working on filming their next sell out film, or recording a new number one hit, you're likely to find them participating in the same mundane leisurely activities as the rest of us. Although for many of them a popular pastime includes visiting a casino, and more importantly, spending a lot of money there.

Here's a look at 8 celebrities that love playing in casinos.

1. Pamela Anderson



Pamela Anderson is well-known for her Baywatch fame, but is also a passionate slot machine and poker fan. However poker hasn't proved to be her strong side, and it was rumoured that she lost $250,000 one night in Las Vegas, but cleared her debt with sexual favours.

2. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is well-known as one of Hollywood's favourite bad boys, and it's no secret that he enjoys visiting casinos. In fact his love of gambling has been public since 2006 thank to his ex-wife, Denise Richards. According to the details provided in the divorce papers, Sheen was spending around $20,000 per week on sports betting. The actor himself admitted being too invested into betting, revealing that he once lost a million-dollar wager. However, Charlie Sheen claims to have quit gambling since he lost his spot on Two and a Half Men.

3. Ray Romano



Ray Romano, best known for his lead role in Everybody Loves Raymond, also created and starred in the comedy-drama, Men of a Certain Age. Romano played the role of a pathological gambler, which was rumoured to be based on Ramano's real-life experiences. Romano also enjoys playing craps and poker, however tends to use Jon Manfrellotti's money when it comes to playing craps. Additionally, the actor and comedian likes to compete in the World Series of Poker and in 2013, Romano reached the third day of the tournament, which marked a new personal record.

4. John McCain

John McCain, better known as the senior United States Senator from Arizona, is also another casino lover. McCain has quite the craps habit, with it rumoured that the senator is fond of going on 12-24 hour gambling binges, making it next to impossible to pry him away from the craps tables. In the past decade he has play on Mississippi riverboats, in Caribbean craps pits, and along the length of the Las Vegas Strip. It's been reported that McCain tends to play for a few thousand dollars at a time, and avoids taking markers, or loans, from the casinos.

5. Tiger Woods



Tiger Woods has always been known for playing with the big boys. He was 20 years old when he won his first professional golf tournament, and by his late 20's it was well-known that he lost his amateur status at the gaming tables and nightclubs in Las Vegas. Since then Tiger is well known for his love of casinos, and is rumoured to bet as much as $25,000 per hand when he takes to the casino for a night of gambling.

6. Ben Affleck



On a drunken trip to Las Vegas, Ben Affleck played blackjack with a wager of $60,000 per hand, and walking away with $800,000 in winnings. His success must have been making him feel generous, as he tipped the dealers $150,000! However his gambling love doesn't stop there, and if the rumours are true, Affleck enjoys playing online poker, rumoured to lose as much as $20,000 a night.

7. Jay-Z



Jay-Z is a famous hip-hop star, who also enjoys gambling. The husband of Beyoncé enjoys playing in local casinos when on tour, but claims his favourite place to play is in the City of London. Here he can enjoy the smaller, private gaming clubs, without fans and the paparazzi following him. Out of all the casino games, Jay-Z's game of choice is poker. Unlike other celebrities who may just focus on one particular variation, Jay-Z enjoys a variety. He's also known for dabbling in blackjack at times, but maintains his preference for poker.

8. Paris Hilton



Paris Hilton is another famous socialite that's no stranger to setting foot in a casino. In 2014 Paris won $50,000 at the blackjack table just moments after she was paid $100,000 for her performance as a DJ in Atlantic City.



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