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Amazing facts you didn't know about Australian horse racing
From Nicky Mirando: January 2017


Australian horse racing has been one of the most popular sporting events for many years. It is customary to place a bet on the horse of your choice when watching the steeplechasers running down the track. However, the actual race is only a small part of the complexity of horseracing and all that goes with it.

With these amazing horseracing facts, you are able to bet on any horse with confidence. If you live in Australia and have a look at the Cheltenham 2017 betting guide, you will see that online betting on horses has a wide variety of benefits and if you win, you can either take your cash home or place another bet to have the chance at a bigger win!

Put together here are some amazing facts about horse racing that will give you that extra advantage when you go to the horseracing track next time.

* There are about 60 to 75 million horses in the world and the United Stated is confirmed to have the most horses.

* The Grand National has been won more times by horses whose name begins with an "R" than any other letter of the alphabet.

* The soft v-shaped section of a horse's hoof which takes the impact when a horse trots is called a frog.

* Chariot races run in ancient Rome are the earliest form of horse racing events.

* Thoroughbred horses are almost double the size of the Arabian racehorses raced over a thousand years ago, which gives a clear indication that racehorses need to be an adequate size in order to be a qualified racehorse.

* Quarter bred horses are an American breed, bred specifically for quarter-mile races. These horses are shorter and more muscular than thoroughbred horses, making it easier for them to cope with racing stress.

* Standard bred horses are used specifically for harness racing. They're adept at racing at a trot rather than at a gallop.

* The high casualty rate for horses in American horse races is due in large part to the legal use of performance-enhancing drugs. Drugs are used to enhance the horses' performance in order to give it a bigger chance at winning.

* The slowest recorded time for winning a race was achieved in 1945, when Never Mind II finished a two-mile race in 11 minutes and 28 seconds. Never Mind II refused at a fence and was abandoned by his jockey, only for the jockey to hear that all the other runners in the race had fallen or been disqualified. The jockey returned to Never Mind II and finished the race at leisure. How is that for a perfect win?

* The 1908 Grand National Steeplechase was won by a three-year old plough horse. That just goes to show that if you put your mind at something, you can achieve anything.

* Jockey Levi Barlingume raced competitively until the age of 80 and he participated in his last race in 1932.


Racehorses are seen as majestic beasts of the world and if you take the time to look into where each horse comes from, you will see that almost every horse has a very rich and interesting heritage.



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