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Cell Phones and Gaming
From Steve Johnson: September 2017

The gaming industry has benefited a lot from the advancements in mobile technology. Today there are several online gaming platforms that are accessible via mobile devices. Some of the games are starting to migrate to other traditional platforms from the mobile gaming platforms upon which they were born. Of course, the number of games that are making the reverse journey is way more. These include real pokies online games.

Real Games and Mobile Smart Devices

There is no doubt that the world of the internet is now going more mobile. That is why all major corporations online are embracing mobile technology at a fast pace. Even search engines are now prioritising websites with mobile compatibility in their rankings. Therefore if your website is not mobile friendly it will affect your search engine ranking.

Even companies like Facebook have been preparing for this for a long time. That is why they were among the first to create a mobile version of their site. Them and online casinos.

Real gaming has really begun to get popular because the specifications of mobile devices kept on getting better. The devices got bigger screens to allow for better gaming. And then they got smaller to a perfect 5-inch size. But it was the increase in the capabilities of the processors used on the devices that made the biggest differences. This eliminated the need to download games. Real games could be played straight from the casino on your browser.

The latest smart phones allow for high-speed internet connection. Their screens have a very fine resolution. Top smart phones from the biggest cell phone manufacturers are now more responsive to the user. And security has never been a bigger issue online as it is now. Especially after the massive malware attacks experienced in the world.

All these factors make playing real money casino games on your recently released cell phone more fun. The games themselves look like they have were designed for the mobile smart devices.



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