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Understanding the different horse race betting types

Horse Racing Bet Types Available Online

Thanks to the advent of online betting, it has simply never been easier for punters from Australia to get in on the action of any of the big horse racing events, and, very commonly, even the smaller ones are well provided for in terms of markets and competitive odds as well.

This article outlines some the betting options you can enjoy whenever you wish to enjoy a punt at your online bookmaker, and getting a good grasp of your options may well see you bringing a lot more money home!



1. The Win Bet

This bet has you wagering on which horse you think will win and is often easy to determine if you've followed sound betting tips and checked form.

2. Place Betting

The Place bet sees you betting on a horse to finish the race in the placing. The number of horses that qualify for a payout with a Place bet will depend on the number of runners taking part in the race you are interested in:

5 runners or less: No Place betting
6 - 7 runners: First, Second Place bet options
8 to 15 runners: First, Second, and Third Place bet options
16+ runners: First, Second, Third, and Fourth Place bet option

3. The Eachway Bet

The Eachway is very popular with betting enthusiasts, and has punters combining a Win and Place bet. The payouts for the Win and Place bet will be handed out if the horse nominated finishes in the First Place.

Place pay-outs will handed out if the horse finishes in the Second or Third positions, with the number of Place payouts linked to the number of runners in the race. The same amount of money is bet for the Win and the Place. More information about each way betting can be found on the powerplay website.

4. The All to Come Wager

When it comes to big events, the All to Come wager can see you winning a large sum when you enjoy Caulfield Cup betting or wagering on any other major races for a relatively small outlay.

This wager allows Win or Place bets on horses taking part in different races at the same meeting to be combined into one accumulative wager.

These bets are sometimes provided for into a major race from any one of a range of race meetings in the days preceding.

5. The Swinger Wager

This wager has you picking two horses in a race and coupling them in a Swinger. You will win if the two horses you have chose fill out any two of the first three places in the race:

First and Second/Second and First
First and Third/Third and First
Second and Third/Third and Second

6. The Exacta Wager

This bet has you wagering on which horses will finish in First and Second Place in that order. It allows you to bet in three different ways:

1. The Single: Choose one horse to Place First and another to Place Second
2. The Perm: Choose any number of horses for the First and Second Place
3. The Box: Choose two or more horses. You will collect a payout if the horses you selected are included in the First and Second Place finishers.



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