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Stories of the great Cheltenham winners - legendary horses and their jockeys
From Nicky Mirando: March 2018

Cheltenham festival has a magic like few other horse racing events. There is just something about it that grabs peoples attention, that puts it the top of people's list and that gets people going. For many horse racing fans, it is one of the things they look forward to, it is a date that they put in their calendar it is something which they count down the days to. Cheltenham festival has always been something magical and something enjoyed across both the UK and the World.

It is notable for so many reasons, with one of the main ones being just how big a deal it is for the bookmakers in the United Kingdom. Figures fly around for just how much is spent during Cheltenham, with plenty of differing opinions, however many agree that around one hundred and fifty million pounds is bet on or at the festival during the time it is on.

It is a staggering amount and it is no surprise that there are many different free bets offered during the festival, aimed at enticing people into betting on horse racing. Their aim, of course, is to get you to bet once using the free bet and then get more using your own money. However if you are smart and just use the free bet, you can win money for nothing. This is especially true if you use sbat betting tips which have many great ideas and articles about the festival.

The amount bet during the festival then, is one reason for it legendary status. Another is the magic of the Cheltenham Gold Cup. There are a handful of races which make people stop and watch in the UK, with the Grand National being perhaps the best example, however the Gold Cup is absolutely one of these races. It is one of the most famous Horse Racing events in the world and thus gets huge viewing figures.

It has also turned up some of the great Horse Racing stories, some tales which will long be remembered and ones which will be passed down from horse racing lover to horse racing lover. They are the winners that people dream of having, they are the horses people bet on for fun and won enough for a holiday, they are the horses that will go down in history. Here are some of those winners. Names which will always be part of horse racing mythology and will be considered as amongst horse racings greatest achievers.

Kauto Star

A name known even by non racing fans, Kauto Star was a truly special horse who managed to destroy the competition around him and claim the Gold Cup twice. More amazing was that he lost the cup in 2008, having won it in 2007, only to reclaim it in 2009. The first horse to do so. He also won five King George chases and showed time after time that he was a magical horse built to be a racer. He was one of the most successful steeplechasers in modern times and is a name that brings back warm memories for many.


It's hard to mention Kauto Star without mentioning Denman, the two were great rivals and drove hard to claim supremacy over the other. He was a horse that people loved to watch because he loved to take the lead quickly and try and hold others off. It takes a bold horse to take on a lead and keep it but Denman always challenged himself to do so. He managed to win the cup in 2008 in a race that has long gone down in history. He also took home the AON chase and the Lexus chase to cement his reputation as one of the modern greats.


One of the most famous horses of the early 20th century and one which is so famous that its skeleton has been put on display in the past so people can admire just how well built he was for racing. He took home three back to back Gold Cups as well as the Irish Grand National. A beautiful horse that seemed to leap higher than any other, Arkle was a winning machine and remains perhaps the best ever Gold Cup horse.



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