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19/9/2015 edition

Two Free Horse Racing Betting Systems

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Two Free Horse Racing Betting Systems

Betting System Number One - The Unplaced Winner Horse Racing Betting System

This quick pick horse racing betting system selection method has found good winners over the years. One of its advantages is it includes horses that were well beaten at their last start, horses that most punters will dismiss.

Here are the rules:

1. Bet only on Saturday metropolitan meetings.

2. Eliminate 2YO and jumps races.

3. The horse must have a minimum win strike rate of 20%.

4. Its last race must have been within 21 days.

5. The horse must have finished no further than 4.5 lengths from the winner at its last start.

The horse must have been a winner in at least one of its previous 5 races.

7. The horse must be a winner over the distance of today's race or 100 metres either side.

8. The horse is a bet provided it is the only qualifier in the race - if more than one horse qualifies then NO BET.

Betting System Number Two - The Three Lengths Stunner Horse Racing Betting System

Here are the rules:

1. The horse won its last start by 3 lengths or more and was unwanted in the betting.

2. Its next start is no more than 14 days later.

The horse is not rising too far in class or distance.

That's it!

This edition of Punt to Win:
Two Free Horse Racing Betting Systems

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Brilliant Saturday - $61.90 Winner & $9,046.90 First Four!!!

Saturday, 18th. April, 2015 was another brilliant day for the Free Top Four ratings.

We rated just 10 races from Randwick, Caulfield and Doomben for some massive collects!

Top Four winners included:

Red Bomber $61.90
Rock Royalty $13.90
Slightly Sweet $12.00
Dissident $11.00

In addition, the First Four in Caulfield R6 (top five) paid as much as $9,046.60 on the NSW tote! (We provide an additional 2 horses to help with first fours and trifectas. In this race one of our horses was also scratched!)

-----Original Message-----
From: Tony
Sent: Monday, 16 March 2015 7:42 AM
Subject: Top Four Ratings

Hi Neil,

Thank you for bringing the Top Four ratings back. It's funny you know, I always go to your site to have a look at everything you have there regardless of whether the ratings were there or not, your site is the only site I really trust over all the other sites I have visited. There are no other sites like yours, it's very friendly and you just want to go there!

Tony W.

PS: Your ratings got some very good results, trifectas, quinellas running doubles, duets, first fours. The people you get to rate the races are very good, they don't always put the favourites in!

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2014 Melbourne Cup Day
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Reparations 31.00 44.60 $408
General Groove 21.00 24.90 $117
Antelucan 11.00 14.80 $114
Protectionist 8.00 8.60 $18
Atacama 5.50 6.10 $18
Hijack Hussy 10.50 11.00 $15
Mahara 5.60 6.00 $12
Risen From Doubt 7.80 8.10 $9
Precious Gem 5.70 6.00 $9
Grand Marshal 3.70 4.00 $9


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