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Horse Racing as a Form of Gambling
From Fredrik Thomson: December 2016

Let's be real here. The vast majority of people betting on horses end up losing. It would be silly to think otherwise. If a bookmaker continually lost money the company would be out of business sooner or later. It's not possible for everyone to win.

But even though you know for a fact that your horse betting analysis isn't the best or that you money management is terrible, you can still have a great time betting on horses. After all, pretty much all sorts of betting started out with a bunch of guys having a great time as apposed to aspiring professional gamblers.

A hobby like any other

Some players are very comfortable with knowing that they do not have an edge. These players will get happy when they do win, but they do not expect to systematically beat the bookmakers and be a solid winner over time. This is a healthy way to approach horse race betting and betting in general. Avoiding deluding yourself is a critical thing when it comes to betting. If a player doesn't have an overall good grasp of their win probability, their risk management is inevitably going to be bad.

It's all about deciding the purpose with your online betting activities. So if you are betting on horses you should decide whether this is a hobby for you or if you expect to make money. If you end up losing at the end of the day, which you probably will, you can still be happy if you enjoyed the gambling experience. But if you would take it more seriously and aim to be a winner in the long run, you're no longer gambling but rather investing your money.


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