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The 5 Greatest Horse Races That Upset The History Books

Horse racing has long been a sport and pastime that has encouraged many to gamble on the fate of the sport and outcome. For many, many years people have gathered around horse racing venues, in addition to their television screens, in hope of landing the perfect winning horse racing bet. However, there have been times when the bookmakers predicted, with punters taking the plunge-only to be disappointed shortly thereafter. It happens sometimes, where things do not go as planned. Upsets in horse racing can really ruin your betting strategy, same with tipsters, it can upset customers. That is why it can be difficult to find the best horse racing tips.
Below is an outline of history's biggest upsets when it comes to horse racing events that took place.

1973: Angle Light Memorial Stakes

In 1973, the race in Queens was hopeful for the champion to be Secretariat, with all odds in favour. However, out of the blue, a new champion took the glory and the name of the Wood Memorial Stakes, called Angle Light. The reason for the surprise turn of events was because of Secretariat having developed an abscess under his lip and therefore prevented him from competing in the right health and state as expected. He managed to take 3rd place, with Sham finishing second and of course, Angle Light took 1st place.

1971: Canonero II at Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is a horse race that has taken pace for quite some time to date. However, the shock of this race back in 1791, was the fact that Canonero II was actually listed amongst 6 horses for a mutual bet back in the 70s. What they forgot to take into account, was that Canonero actually took the win back in Venezuela and was trained in similar conditions. For that very reason, this overlooked detail had the horse surpass the predicted 18th place finish to actually sail past all contenders with a 1st place finish. For anyone that took this bet for the believed and wrongly placed underdog, letís just say that it was their very lucky day indeed.

1930: Jim Dandy at the Travers Stakes

Jim Dandy was a known season racer that had managed to pull over 141 races within his entire 12-year career. Despite the many races participated, he actually came last place in many of them, meaning he was never a favourite or chosen to take the lead of a race, until 1930. During this day at the Travers Stakes, rain fell so hard on the track that many horses became unnerved. This allowed a surprise immense victory for Jim Dandy, who managed to defeat all contenders with a first-place victory and an 8-length victory. This was one of the most surprising victories of the times, and one hugely celebrated for those that surrounded Jim Dandy and his career to date.

1913: Donerail at Kentucky Derby

The next surprising event to take place for the Kentucky Derby was the Donerail win. With original odds of 91-1 at the time, Donerail was in no way seen as a hopeful contender to win. In previous races he was left in 6 place and did not show any signs of a chance to take victory. However, as the ten-point started to tire within the race, that was when Donerail saw the opportunity to come out of nowhere and storm the lead completely. Taking the race by half a length, he managed to create the biggest upset in history for all punters at the Kentucky Derby that day. By winning, he also took the record for the best time to win historically, leading up to that moment, which left the audience with nothing left to say, but kept speechless. Nobody expected it.

2009: Mine That Bird Kentucky Derby

Mine that Bird has a racing career that managed to take over parts of Canada and USA from the years 2008-2010. He was really known the most for pulling yet again, another great upset at the Derby. With odds of 50-1, Mine That Bird had managed to somehow move really quickly in the back, to a point where he was not noticed by any until he was 8 lengths in front. He managed to become the second gelding to win the Kentucky Derby since 1929, making it the largest margin of a win within over 60 years. Nevertheless, this race completely took everyone by storm, and nobody really expected that to happen-but hey, Mine That Bird managed to do exactly that!




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