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Galloping to the winning post Pro-Punter was created in 1998 by racing guru Neil Davis, but since January 1st 2001 has been owned by OZmium Pty Ltd (ACN 091184655), a company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Pro-Punter was created to provide information to punters anywhere in the world who want to make money out of Australian thoroughbred horse racing. With Australian and overseas online bookmakers offering markets on a large selection of Australian races it doesn't matter where you live, as long as you have access to the internet.

OZmium's flagship site Smartgambler takes a very rational and odds based approach to gambling and much of that website is devoted to debunking shysters and extravagant claimants in the gambling sector.

The main focus of Pro-Punter is offering free horse racing betting information, including numerous articles, forums for swapping ideas and tips and lots of other helpful features to help punters get an edge and maximise their returns in the long term. We are able to offer all our services and information free of charge due to our business model of accepting paid advertising on all our websites and doing affiliate deals with selected bookmakers, from which we get a share of revenue.

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  Disclaimer: This site covers various aspects of horseracing in Australia. We provide betting tips, online gambling strategy and links to many thoroughbred sites. OZmium Pty Ltd is not responsible for the content of the links and also accepts no liability for financial loss or misadventure caused by the information provided here. We strongly recommend you bet within your budget and only with money you are prepared to risk.