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See for yourself tote odds compared with bookmaker odds in our historical tables.

If you are serious about backing winners and making a profit from horse racing then you must bet with bookmakers.

When a horse is successfully plunged, bookmakers can lose on the race which means punters as a group actually win on the race.

But no matter how much money is put on a horse on the tote, the tote still wins. Punters as a group lose every race on the tote no matter what horse wins.

When you bet with bookmakers you have control over the price you obtain. Many successful punters have arrangements with bookmakers to get the top official fluctuation which means if a horse is plunged from $6.00 to $3.00 they will be given $6.00.

See how our special offers can give you $6.00, not $3.00 and let you be in charge of the odds you get.

Even if you are a small tote punter, for only $5 you can bet online and be given the best tote price in the country for your win bets.
If you are not doing this you are throwing money away.

The bookmaker betting ring is a vibrant, active market.
Actual prices which punters obtain firm and weaken as a result of weight or lack of money.

The tote prices are not an active market.
Horses' prices do not firm and ease on the tote for the simple reason that it is not a fixed odds betting market. There is only ever one tote price for the winning horse in a race. That is the payout price, which you do not know until after the race is run and won.

Some commentators in the media try to generate excitement and say,"The punters took the $6.00." Really? Which punters took the $6.00? Punters may put their bets on the tote expecting to get paid $6.00 but in fact find out for example that they only get paid $4.00. Who gets the $6.00? No-one. So it is absolute nonsense to say the price firmed on the tote from $6.00 when not even one punter was fortunate enough to get it.

In the bookmakers' betting ring if weight of money on your horse forces its price right in after you have placed your bet you still get your price. When you place a bet on the tote you have no control over the price you receive. Even placing a bet on the tote a few seconds before the jump is no good because so many other punters do exactly that.

It is not uncommon to see those good tote odds you were expecting disappear while you are watching your money go around. Not to mention the times you don't manage to get your bet on. And as luck would have it, of course the horse wins.

If you haven't done so already, it is time you took control of your betting. Not being able to make it to the track is no longer an excuse.

If you have read this far then see for yourself tote odds compared with bookmaker odds.
Click here to see our eye opening historical tables and see how our special offers will give you more punting dollars.

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