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Why are some horses track specialists?

Why do some tracks produce nightmare results for punters?

Why do some tracks favour leaders?

These answers and more can be found in our descriptions of Australia's main horse racing tracks. Just click on the links that follow the Users' Guide.

Users' Guide.

Our detailed barrier guide comments are based upon the assumption that there is no major track bias. If, for example, next to the rails is a slow lane then it follows that barrier one is a poor barrier to have. The following points will help you get the most out of the detailed barrier guide:

1. An inside barrier is not good for a slow starter which is likely to get back in the field and be badly boxed in. This is a major problem in sprint races and large fields.

2. An outside barrier is no major disadvantage for a horse that gets back in the field, particularly if the horse has a leading jockey. Here pace of the race and field size are more important. It is much harder making up ground in a big field where the horse might have to turn very wide or encounter many weakening horses that have no winning chance but obstruct its passage.

3. An outside barrier is no major disadvantage for a fast starter if the horses drawn inside barriers are slower starters or like to settle back in the field.

4. A good barrier like four or five might not work out that way for a leader if the horses drawn inside barriers are also leaders and have just as much pace as it

5. The commonly available "Winning Barrier" statistics have intentionally not been included. These statistics are useless pieces of information. There is always a starter in barrier one. How often is there a starter in barrier 14 or barrier 18?

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