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Create your own unique winning system with the RaceCensus database!

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Become a winning punter by accessing:

More than 3.75 million individual horse runs in the RaceCensus database!
Over 368,000 metropolitan, provincial and country races and results in the RaceCensus database.

In addition, receive eight free systems which show 18 years profit on turnover at level stakes using only TAB prices.

How many times have you wondered whether some horse racing betting system actually wins? You can waste a lot of hours hunting for past results and monitoring that system. The brilliant and inexpensive RaceCensus database will save you all those hours of work.

Punting on thoroughbred horse racing should be entertaining and fun. With RaceCensus you can invent as many betting systems as you want and check them to see how much money each system would have won. Just input your rules and the RaceCensus software will tell you how the system would have performed. It's that simple!

Many punters waste thousands on slickly marketed, expensive commercial betting systems. Be smart and say no! With the help of RaceCensus, you can be sure your tote odds are not lowered by large numbers of punters all betting the same "system horse." That means you can bet your own unique system selections with confidence, knowing that future prices of winners will remain the same as the odds paid for past winners.

RaceCensus software is compatible with all versions of Windows.

RaceCensus Database Features:

Over 368,000 metropolitan and country races.

More than 3.75 million individual horse runs.

Extensive help files and tutorial.

Eight free systems that have shown a level stake profit for 18 years.

Ability to filter by horse's last five starts.

Ability to export results of searches in various formats.

Ability to print out a form guide.

Closing prices.

Starting prices from past five runs in decimal format.

Search and filter by track or state.

Search and filter by field from specific day of the week.

Search and filter by weight advantage field, which shows the weight advantage over the topweighted horse.

Search and filter by the settling position of the horse in-running .

Search and filter by horses rising or dropping in race prizemoney, distance, weight, etc.

Closing price rankings to determine favourite, second favourite, etc.

Search and filter by win or place percentages for career, track, distance, going, first up, etc.

Search and filter by career prizemoney, API ranking.

Calculation of prizemoney won over the last three starts and ranking topweight calculation.

Favourite premium field added. Search and filter by the price difference between the favourite and second favourite.

Search and filter by track condition changes from last start to the current start.

Search and filter out or include apprentices only.

Handicappers Rating and Rating rank where provided.

Sire and Dam of Horse.

Auto Summary Calculations:

Number of selections.


Win and place strike rates.

Win and place returns based on one unit bet on each selection.

Profit / loss based on one unit bet on each selection.

Win and place profit on turnover.

Win and place average dividends.

Win and place minimum dividends.

Win and place maximum dividends.

Unique system viability calculations.

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Screenshots - see the program

Price and purchase details

Frequently asked questions



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