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Why advertise with us?
Pro-Punter is a well established website that has operated on the internet since early 1998 and is owned by OZmium Pty Ltd. It is one of the top ranking privately owned racing websites in Australia for both traffic and search engine positioning.

OZmium Pty. Ltd. also owns Smartgambler, one of Australia's leading gambling related sites, as well as The Holdem Lounge our own Texas Holdem website, and any advertising campaign can be run over any or all of these OZmium sites if appropriate.

OZmium was an early adopter of search engine optimisation techniques, especially making sure our websites have a large amount of genuine high quality content. This ensures that our websites can be easily found by web surfers and will remain prominent. By advertising on our sites you will be guaranteed a large and well targeted audience.

How much does it cost?
The short answer is, "not a lot". We try to operate on a very individual basis, taking an ongoing interest in how your campaign proceeds. The cost depends somewhat on the type of marketing required and variables such as the location of the ads and the duration of exposure. The simplest way to get an idea of price is to tell us a bit about the kind of location, ad size, positioning and length of run that you are likely to want. We can then quote you a price and you can make any adjustments to the level of exposure based on that.

What kind of ads are possible?
We take ads on every page of both sites including the index pages and sometimes even menu links. You can also advertise on our popular forums which generate a large amount of traffic. Standard sized buttons and banners are easily accepted and text ads and links are fine too. The ads should not be too garish or distracting and should fit the ambience of the sites. We discuss your needs with you and negotiate an arrangement that is appropriate for both parties.

Does internet advertising work?
The internet advertising market is still expanding every year. If it wasn't producing results companies would stop using it. It is a very targeted medium, with the traffic to a given internet site far less random than in many forms of traditional advertising such as signage. Compared to most traditional avenues it is economical and represents good comparative value.

Who do I contact to discuss an advertising deal?
You can email our Managing Director Guy West about advertising by clicking here.

Thank you for your interest.

OZmium Pty Ltd.
Owner of Pro-Punter, Smartgambler and The Holdem Lounge.


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