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These answers and more can be found in our descriptions of Australia's main horse racing tracks. 

Caulfield is the headquarters of the Victorian Amateur Turf Club. Their main race each year is the famous Caulfield Cup.

The track has a circumference of 2,080 metres. The home straight is 367 metres long. The course is shaped like a triangle with rounded corners. There is also a rise along the back of the course leading to the 1,400m start.

When the rail is moved out 10 to 15 metres unpredictable results are the order of the day with many horses unable to get a run. It is usually advisable to bet very cautiously or not bet at all.

Barrier Guide

1000 metres: This barrier is located at the entrance to the chute off the course proper on the side of the track. There is a straight run of about 650 metres to the home turn. Inside barriers have a slight advantage.

1100 metres:
Similar to the 1000 metres start, there is a 750 metres straight run to the home turn.

1200 metres:
Similar to the above two starts, this barrier provides a straight run of 850 metres to the home turn. Inside barriers have a slight advantage.

1440 metres:
This barrier is located in a small chute off the course proper in the back section. There is only 190 metres to the first turn. Horses with wide barriers often get trapped wide and cover plenty of extra ground.

2020 metres:
Located in a small chute off the course proper on the side of the track field sizes are limited. Inside barriers have a big advantage.

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