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6/7/2001 edition

Win with John Hawkes

You can make money by backing John Hawkes' trained horses but not if you back his "good things".

Last Saturday was a typical example.

At Rosehill Philotimo $3.20 was all the rage and finished sixth. Then in the next race, the "get out stakes", punters tried to recover their losses on Jubilee Song $2.50, who was resuming from a spell. He put in a shocker and finished down the track.

How then do you make money from John Hawkes' trained horses?

It helps if you understand that lack of support in the betting ring is irrelevant for Hawkes' horses. Many of the horses are from the Woodlands Stud Syndicate managed by the Ingham brothers. They are quite happy to let many of their horses go around and win without putting a cent on them!!

When a Hawkes trained runner is heavily backed it does not indicate stable support. It more often than not is money from substantial punters who have nothing to do with the Hawkes stable and it need not be "smart money" either. This money quickly has a flow on effect in the market and the horse can firm dramatically.

To win backing Hawkes' horses you often have to ignore current form.

1. Look for horses resuming from a spell who could show substantial improvement and only back them if the odds are generous. Remember, you must ignore the betting ring. It will not give you a guide.

2. Consider backing some Hawkes trained horses having their first start when they are at big odds. Plenty of them win. It is the short priced, hyped up first starters who lose.

3. Look for what a horse might be capable of doing after a few runs in, particularly after a bad run. Hawkes trained horses have a habit of putting in an average run or two and then surprising by winning at big odds.

Here are some value Hawkes' trained winners from last Saturday.
Pioneer $25.90

Thorns $8.50

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Top Odds Are Important

If you regularly get poor odds you must lose.

Did you back any of these winners last week?
If you did, see the prices you should have got.

Get these prices? Or these prices!! Extra percentage won Extra Profit $100 bet
Thorns 5.90 9.00 63% $310
Recall 5.00 7.00 50% $200
Slalom 6.00 8.00 40% $200
Manetti 3.50 4.60 44% $110
Catlight 3.30 4.00 30% $70
This Manshood 3.30 4.00 30% $70

Back Tote Longshots?

Get these prices? Or these prices!! Extra Profit $100 bet
Captain Regent 35.90 43.90 $800
Prince Of Sports 15.50 19.80 $430
Pioneer 21.90 25.90 $400
Gabfest 11.60 12.80 $120
Showgazer 10.80 11.80 $100

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