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6/10/2000 edition

"Tote firmers"

There is no surer way of punters guaranteeing themselves to be long term losers than by watching tote fluctuations and backing massive "tote firmers". The tote may be following betting ring fluctuations, but that is not always guaranteed.

Even if the tote is following betting ring fluctuations if you were at the track and saw a horse plunged in the betting ring from say $7.00 to $3.00, would you take the $3.00 about it just before they jumped? But unfortunately that is exactly what punters are doing when they follow the tote fluctuations and back huge "firmers" on the tote just before the jump.

The London Banker
was solidly plunged in the last at Randwick on Monday, October 2 from 5/1($6.00), to 11/4 ($3.75). It just won in a desperately close finish. The best odds available on the tote was a paltry $3.50. At that price it was no value. But it was value, earlier in the bookmakers' betting ring, when it was many points better than that. Because punters get so far under the actual odds available in the bookmakers' betting ring they must lose long term. Guaranteed. It is just as certain as death and taxes. Punters usually end up getting terrible value. You are not getting a good enough price to recover your outlay on losing wagers.

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