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10/8/2001 edition

Randwick "All Weather Track"

The powers that be at Randwick recently renamed their substandard Inner Track the All Weather Track. Sounds better but doesn't change anything. We'll continue to call it what it is, the Inner Track. It's hardly an all weather track. Just have a look at the racing there last Saturday.

There appeared to be a fast lane next to the rails and you had to be in the first two on the home turn to have any chance. That makes the first up win over 1100 metres of seven year old gelding, Olivier, all the more meritorious. He settled well back in the field and was seven wide around the home turn. With a quick turn of foot, out wide, he took the lead and won well.

It's worthwhile keeping a careful note of the handful of gallopers who made any ground out wide in the straight. When they get a fairer racing surface some will surprise at odds.

Media racecaller value?

As the horses were entering the barriers for the last at Victoria Park, the racecaller, added:

"Hamster Jazz $6.70 and $2.00 - that's an over. Now that's good value."


Hamster Jazz, who had a paltry one win from 17 starts, settled on the pace, had every chance in the straight and plodded home for a well beaten fourth.

1. The tote odds of $6.70 was not fixed odds.
2. Even if $6.70 was value, which it was not, you could not guarantee getting it.
3. Because a horse is showing a better price (temporarily?) on the tote than in the bookmakers' betting ring does not mean it is value.
4. Because you are betting into markets of over 100% often the price of a horse in both the bookmakers' betting ring and the tote is no value. The price is well below the horse's chances of winning the race.

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Top Odds Are Important

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Did you back any of these winners last week?

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Get these prices? Or these prices!! Extra percentage won Extra Profit $100 bet
Power Of Pegasus 7.20 10.00 54% $280
Swing A Deal 3.40 5.00 67% $160
Hightari 5.50 7.00 33% $150
Thong Classic 4.00 5.50 50% $150
Marstic 4.20 5.50 41% $130
Zero Drama 2.50 3.20 47% $70
Participate 1.70 2.25 79% $55
The Ex Files 2.00 2.40 40% $40
Work And Turn 2.00 2.40 40% $40

Back Tote Longshots?


Get these prices? Or these prices!! Extra Profit $100 bet
Mistegic 42.90 52.80 $990
Big Bal Bowski 11.40 15.90 $450
Blue Star 9.90 13.20 $330

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