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14/1/2005 edition

Magic Millions Day

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The hard betting facts

What about the Gold Coast bookmaker betting odds. We had a look at the starting price odds for five races in a row and here they are:

R4: $100,000 3YO. Quality. 136%

R5: $820,000 3YO Magic Millions 120%

R6: $328,000 Magic Millions Cup 137%

R7: $820,000 2YO Magic Millions 116%

R8: $30,000 Quality. 136%

Those were once again very disappointing starting price odds. With plenty of money being bet starting price odds should have been no higher than 110%. With starting price odds of 136% it is very likely that any bet is a long term losing bet. The correct response is not to bet into those makets.

To put odds of 136% into perspective, let's frame a hypothetical market for the two finalists in the Australian Open Tennis, which will be held shortly. Assuming they are both given the same chances of winning, for a market framed to 136% these would be their odds:

Now that is totally absurd. For an even money contest where the true odds are $2.00 you are offered $1.47.

This is what we had to say about the meeting to our Premium Betting Package members:

Gold Coast Magic Millions meeting:

We are ignoring this much hyped up meeting. Gold Coast is a tricky racing track. It is also very much a specialists' track. Numerous races are full of horses having their first starts at the track. Then, to further complicate matters, there are inferior horses with good form at the track in those same races. This meeting has often produced results from left field, which are no good for win betting or exotics betting. With a number of short priced favourites, trifectas also get wrecked when they run a place. Bookmakers in the past have also not offered attractive odds, with 130% or even worse top fluctuation markets.

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