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23/3/2001 edition
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Primrose Sands $1.65

How could Primrose Sands possibly go around at $1.65 in the 1900 metres Canterbury Cup on Saturday night? She had only beaten Prophet's Kiss by three quarters of a lengths at their last start and was meeting that mare 1.5kg. worse at the weights. Primrose Sands had also only beaten Majestically by a bob of the head five weeks earlier and was meeting him 3.5kg. worse at the weights from that run.

That's enough to set the alarm bells ringing. Primrose Sands did not win her ninth consecutive race. She finished eighth.

How ethical is this?

Last week it seems that punters who backed Excellerator for the place got their money back when their bet won. (Excellerator finished second.)

No wonder totes make so much money. When they are prepared at times to take your money if your bet loses and only return your money if your bet wins. In those cases punters are on a hiding to nothing. Something seems immoral about that. Frankly, it stinks.

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Northerly 7.00 4.60
Universal Prince 8.00 5.10

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