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31/8/2001 edition

Werribee Racetrack

Track rating error?

On Wednesday August 22 the VRC, who normally hold their meetings at Flemington racetrack, held their midweek meeting at Werribee. There were scratchings galore from this meeting because the track rating given out was Heavy.

After the second race the track was upgraded to Slow. Fair enough, there hadn't been any rain. We could cop that.

Then after the fifth race the track was upgraded to Dead. Was the sun beating down with searing heat? No. It was just a normal winter's day.

Did the jockeys rate the track as Heavy? No.
Did the owners rate the track as Heavy? No.
Well, who did make that blunder?

The track should not have been rated Heavy in the first place. It should probably have been rated Dead for the first race. You can guarantee there were plenty of trainers, and owners who pay the bills, none too pleased.

Thankfully we didn't waste hours of our time doing form for the meeting for a Heavy track which would have been absolutely useless. We had a look at the meeting and decided from a betting point of view it was best to leave alone. Coincidentally that is our view of many races also held at Flemington.

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Get these prices? Or these prices!! Extra percentage won Extra Profit $100 bet
Captivator 5.20 8.50 79% $330
Jillina Blue 4.40 7.00 77% $260
Fouardee 4.40 6.00 47% $160
Le Zagaletta 5.40 7.00 36% $160
La Lagune 4.60 6.00 39% $140
Mulan Princess 5.30 6.50 28% $120
Casino Heights 4.00 5.00 33% $100
Specialist 2.70 4.20 88% $90
Swiss Echo 1.80 2.10 38% $30

Back Tote Longshots?


Get these prices? Or these prices!! Extra Profit $100 bet
Groovy Miss 36.90 55.00 $1810
Dudley Do Right 20.80 30.90 $810
Pugad Lawin 18.40 26.30 $790
Britney 20.30 28.10 $780
Easy Landing 16.40 20.20 $380
Provident 14.10 16.30 $220

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