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Get a short dose on the history of the World Series of Poker

From Steve Johnson: October 2019


Poker is one of the most loved and adored games of all time, both online and offline. The World Series of Poker is a prestigious event that has its roots grounded in 1970, when it took place for the first time at Horseshoe Casino.

Back then, there were hardly 50 poker tables in entire Las Vegas. Nevada only had 70 poker tables and Blinton's Horseshoe Casino didn't have a single poker table.

According to, the contest was held in an alcove that looked almost like a normal hotel room. Initially, there were just thirty gamblers who participated in the contest, with little hint that they were in the process of creating history.

Though the credit for this historical event goes to Benny Binion, the patriarch of Horseshoe Casino, two less popular names, Vic Vickrey and Tom Moore, deserve a definite mention, as they contributed equally in giving shape to Binion's dream. The strange part is that the event that's so well recognised now and is considered a grand series today hardly attracted any attention from people back in the days of inception. In fact Johnny Moss, the inaugural champion, didn't win a single poker tournament.

He was voted the "best all-around player" after countless days of high stakes playing. Binion definitely realised the need to make improvements if they were to take this World Series to the international stature and repute. In the following year the entry fee was hiked up and this time as well Johnny Moss retained his position as the champion and took the prize money.

1972 saw "Amarillo Slim" Preston win the championship and emerge as the most popular living protagonist and ambassador of the game. It can be said that he was the one who brought real fame and class to the championship. In the year 1973, the championship was on television for the first time and Puggy Pearson was declared the winner. In the following year, Johnny Moss again emerged victorious.

This season also saw Doyle Brunson surface as a formidable player. The 1978 season saw the division of the prize money for the first time. The 1990s saw Binion's son take the responsibility of carrying forward the legacy of this prestigious championship. Jim Albrecht and Jack McClelland continued to preside over the championship in the new era.

The championship now came to include at least 20 tournaments. Mansour Matloubi, a non-American won the championship for the first time. However, poker's upcoming Sonic Boom took place simultaneously with the downfall of Horseshoe Casino. Check out this best online casino site link for more information about poker.


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