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From M Umair: January 2020

We'll just go ahead and say it - the virtual landscape has made gamblers out of all of us. And guess what, we're not complaining at all. With all the rise and fall of trends on the Internet, one thing seems to prevail when it comes to monetizing our time online: gambling.

With so many options for gambling pros and novices alike, it's so easy to get caught in the middle of a gambling dilemma. To help you out, we've listed some of the top online gambling games that you can try out, and why you will enjoy each one of these.

With a plethora of choices available to you, you'll be placing your bets and throwing it into the online-sphere in no time. Take your pick from the following online games:

1. Online poker

Poker is probably one of the favorite games that one can enjoy in a land-based casino. With its introduction to the online landscape, more and more poker players are now opting to take the more convenient option of simply playing this game at the comforts of their homes.

In fact, online poker seems to have triggered a worldwide interest in the game of poker itself. Many poker tables are opening virtually, and players like us can simply request to join in on the conversation. Even social media has unknowingly (or knowingly, we'll never know) championed this casino gambling game. With this game popularized, even the most tentative gambler are now trying their hand at poker games such as Texas Hold'em.

In online poker, you can try to play it out for simple virtual chips or go big by playing a cash game against opponents from all over the world. Either way, this is still an exciting and engaging game on and off the virtual world.

2. Roulette

Roulette is one such game that largely depends on a player's luck. While some have added a dangerous twist to this game, others have simply taken roulette into context and have migrated it into an online landscape.

In roulette, you'll be faced with 37 spots for your ball to land on. There's is not much planning nor any special game plan that is required from you here--just sheer luck. Of course, you can employ tactics such as spreading your bets across the whole board, or betting only on specific numbers or colors.

Whatever your strategy may be, the game of roulette is still pretty much the same whether online or offline.

3. Horse betting

Horse betting is no longer just limited in where you physically are--you can now bet on horses from racetracks all around the globe. There are plenty of options where you can bet on racetracks online. Pro-Punter is a site filled with horse race betting information and advice.

4. Blackjack

Much like poker, blackjack is a casino game that requires enough know-how about the game. Here, you will be playing against the dealer and try to reach 21 as quickly as you can. It's a game that requires skill, concentration, and proper strategy. Unsurprisingly, not a lot of players thrive in this game which is why the best and the most skilled are able to make a living out of their blackjack skills online.

In online blackjack, if you are a skilled player and a smart gambler, you will be able to earn enough money to call playing blackjack a full-time living.

5. Online pokies

While it sounds a lot like online poker, pokies are a virtual game of online slots. Unlike land-based casinos, however, you won't be playing with a physical slot machine to put your coin in and a lever to pull down when you're ready. Instead, you will be asked to input the amount of bet that you want to put in, plus a "spin" button that you will click on to start the pokies game.

So there you have it--the top 5 online gambling games that you can try. While online gambling is still decidedly in its infant stages, predictions of how it will continue to grow and thrive are aplenty. To this, we simply sit it out and wait for the next big things in online gambling.



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