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What is common between dice, horse racing and slots?
From Roman Pivovarov: Febuary 2021

Let's get to the core of their history to get to know. No matter in Australia or some other part of the world people got pretty similar kind of taste. Today we mention the three kind of entertainment both sport and gambling related . Let's get to it.

God doesn't play dice

The oldest known dice were estimated to be from between 2800 and 2500 BC and found in Iran. Same customised item was being found by archeologists in ancient Egypt, India. It's mentioned in Bible for several times. In many countries dice were prohibited wich means a passionate interest of people to dicing. That's how it was in Roman Empire where gambling was illegal but still pairs of dice were found among casual items. Sometimes dice were found out in graves. Some researchers claim that this item hadn't been just used for a players, but for a fortunetellers. There is always something mystical about dice which still is one of the most popular game like poker and online slots australia. Even though cards and slots machines are more popular among gamers dice have got a mistery. No wonder of Albert Einstein quotes is God does not play dice. If you will check online casino Australia real money or ask some experienced gamers and resources many of them made conclusion that dice is one of the most fair and precise form of online gambling. There are six outcomes but it's a huge history combined of legendary wins, loses, predictions and probability theory.

Horse racing

One of the youngest form of competition and definitely gambling is a horse racing. Chariot races and riding races were two kinds of being held on hippodrome. There are some remains of them in Greece and Italy deserve to see. But most wide global recognition horse racing gained thanks to Great Britain. By the way horse racing is one of the few sports that has continued during the COVID-19 crisis. The rules and tactics differ from continent to continent but horse racing is still the most prestigious kind of the sport and will never be called outdated or rural because horse sympathy is a part of our mindset.


19th century is a time of inventions. Most big thinkers were both mechanics, philosophers, chemists and many more. And of coarse most of them were interested what math is behind the game. First slot machine was invented between 1887 and 1895 by Charles Fey in San Francisco. Today there plenty of symbols available wide, but originals are horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and a Liberty bell. People became so passionate about slots that it was improving during the the 20 and 21 century from mechanic system to video and finally online slots . Internet slots today embodied a total randomness, flashy animation and interest a huge army of lovers . The playing slots is a popular form of streaming and out of question it's a most popular form of game contained both rational and irrational nature like dice and horse racing previously. The core of every entertaining gamelinked to antiquity and evolved astonishingly thanks to the technologies. It derives huge opportunities to never get bored about Melbourne cup, NFL, The Champions league and so on.



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