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Racehorses and their Famous Owners
From Alan Green: March 2018

We're quickly approaching the start of the 2018 Cheltenham Festival, so if you're planning on getting involved then you'll have to log-on to the Betfair horse racing bets site if you are thinking of placing a few bets. With a record prize pool of almost 5 million available race horse and owners will be putting in as much work as possible, and ensuring that their horse is in prime condition to compete and hopefully walk away with the grand prize. It's not just a prize pool that has improved over the years, other aspects of horse racing have improved thanks to the Jockey Club. Since the 18th century, the club has been investing all their money into the sport to bring it to the highest standard. They own multiple racecourses in Britain, including Cheltenham, and have improved the facilities so they have some of the best racecourse and training facilities in the world.

With this amount of money involved in horse racing, it should come as no surprise that some of the world's most famous people and celebrities are involved in the sport. Although celebrities such as Mick Channon (a former footballer) are involved in the sport by becoming a racehorse trainer, the majority of them tend to own a horse. One high-profile racehorse owner is Wayne Rooney. The former English international player owns part of racehorse 'Yourartisonfire' and 'Switcharooney'. Obviously, it is completely up to the winner to decide what they will do with their winnings, but the majority of their owners usually invest in their winnings back in their horses by either improving the quality of training, or investing in other horses.

Sir Alex Ferguson is another famous owner that owns its own racecourse. The former manager started getting involved in horse racing in the latter part of his life, owning horses such as the "Rock of Gibraltar". Although the "Rock of Gibraltar" horse is now retired, Ferguson's current horse, Clan Des Obeaux, will be competing in the Gold Cup on Friday. Considering that his horse will be participating on Friday, there is a good chance that he will also be attending the festival himself.

If you think that you've got good knowledge on some of the famous racehorse owners throughout history then give this quiz a shot and see how many you can get correct.





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