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The oldest video games in history
From Steve Johnson: March 2021

The world has been gaming since forever, but video gaming was first introduced to the world on the late 20th century. But, soon after, the world was then later introduced to online casinos gaming and the competition got stiff for the video gaming. Therefore, there has been a tag of war between the two industries leading to so many grand and innovative idea. However, this article is going to be giving you some of the oldest video games.

There have been different versions and sequels to this video game. The first video game version of this game was introduced back in 1980. But, prior to that the game was known by its Japanese name, Puck Man. The designer of the game is Toru Itawani and he even made any appearance in the Pixels movie trying to knock in some sense into his "son" and try to stop him from destroying half of the city.

The whole process of having to carefully align the blocks can actually help you while away time and can even be fun. The game came to life back in 1984 and was engineered by Alexey Pajitnov. The game is often recommended for those who want to take part in brain stimulation and is said to make it function more effectively. Now, there are plenty of video gaming platforms that you can get to play the game from.

This sport themed game by Atari was first introduced to the world back in 1972. This is a virtual version of table tennis and it falls under the arcade gaming option. If you have never played the game, then you can go ahead and try Pong for chrome. You can also visit jeux de casino en argent reel to play Pong-casino games.

Space Invaders
The game was created by Japanese developer, Tomohiro Nishikado. It solely falls under the Taito arcade system. You can also get to try playing the much simple version of this game online as well.



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