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Best racing horses of all time
From Nicky Mirando: June 2018

A Horse on Course

An often overlooked but thrilling and very competitive scene is horse racing. There are not a lot of sports out there that take into account the bond and relationship between man and animal. Ever since the first human got the clever idea to take a ride on the magnificent beast known as the horse, there has been some magic, a mutual symbiotic relationship.

Man got the benefit of being able to move faster along a wider berth of terrain, while horses got to capitalize on the cleverness of man, pushing themselves to the limits of perfection with selective breeding and training. The result of this relationship is the crafting of some of the greatest racing horses of all time.

The All Time Best

Every sport that a human plays ends up breeding legends, greats that stand out against the crowd. Animal sports are no different. Over the many years man has raced atop horses, there have been standouts that will never be forgotten. Here is a list of some of the best race horses to ever grace the track:

Seattle Slew

A thoroughbred from the 70s, Seattle Slew's performance on the track showed us just what kind of potential a racing horse could achieve. Slew was quite literally bred for victory, and he delivered on that promise, no questions asked. Living for a remarkable 28 years, Slew built up a legacy during that time which won't be soon forgotten. He performed so well that gamblers considered wagers placed on him as free bets.


What is unique about this All-American champion is that she is a girl. There aren't many female racing horses out there that showed the kind of strength, speed, and perseverance as Zenyatta, and fewer still that went on to become a champion. Zenyatta was so loved and performed so well on the track she is often referred to as "The queen of race horses," an apt title considering her win record. Zenyatta was even named the 2010 horse of the year.


Known as a bit of a legend, and to some, even a myth, Citation is one of the greatest race horses in the recorded history of the sport. A triple crown winner, Citation made his owners very wealthy. Being from the 1940s however, there has been some speculation as to whether this race horse ever really existed, but there is a documented history of the horse, and his performance is very impressive. Before he started racing for an audience, Citation wasted no time becoming a champion. He won 14 of his 16 starting stages and became a champion at only 2 years old. Citation won so many races that he is easily statistically one of the best racing horses to ever dash down the track. But don't worry, since his passing there have been plenty of new contenders willing to see if Citation's winning record can stand the test of time.

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