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3/12/2000 Edition No. 4

More on Star City Casino


More on Star City’s ‘playability’ for Blackjack. On a recent visit, we found a couple of new dealers cutting only two to three decks off, which makes it possible to sit down and play these tables. Generally, however, with only half the betting opportunities and virtually none of the large positive counts achievable at other Australian casinos, Sydney can only be tackled with back-counting (wonging) and playing nothing less than true 2.
We also recommend a good pair of shoes to pace the floors, team-play to increase bet size and bankroll, and leaving watched tables at true -1.

We would like to hear reader’s views on automatic (not continuous) shuffle machines, such as Shufflemaster compared to manual shuffles. Our view is that the manual shuffles encourage card-clumping a little more, which means occasional super-high counts are achieved and can be exploited. The flipside is that these tables have to be vacated when the super-low counts come up.


Automatic knowledge of Basic Strategy is an essential skill for card counters. Combined with a simple count and related betting spread, Blackjack can already be played at an advantage. The faster you can play against a dealer (accurately), the larger your turnover and expected profits in the long run. Revise last week’s newsletter for Basic Strategy and practice a count such as Hi-Lo:

Starting on 0, add 1 for cards 2-6, subtract 1 for all 10’s and Aces, ignore other cards.

Divide this total by the number of decks left undealt to receive True Count (TC).

TC<+2: play 1 unit
TC +2: play 4 units
TC +3: play 8 units
TC +4: play 12 units


Pit bosses are more nervous of a player who plays one black chip ($100) than one who plays six green ($150).


‘Cards are running good or bad’ - one of those statements that can really only be made after the fact. Progression betting systems attempt to take advantage of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ runs, but inevitably are only useful on a limited scale for camouflage purposes.

Best of Betting!

News 26/11/2000

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