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12/11/2000 Edition No. 1


Jupiters on the Gold Coast is holding a Blackjack Tournament (max 98 players, entry fee $1,250, all money into prizepool of $122,500 including $70000 1st prize) on November 25 + 26. 
Enquiries 1800 074 888. Entries accepted up to a week prior.

Rumours abound again about the re-introduction of Continuous Shuffle Machines (CSM’s) at Crown. These make card-counting nigh impossible as they simulate an ‘infinite’ number of decks, not eight. However, when they last tried these, it seems takings may have fallen from suspicious gamblers refusing to play them. The Victorian Casino and Gaming Authority (VCGA) can neither confirm or deny this latest attempt by Crown to beat the counters (or increase turnover).

According to two separate interstate pit bosses, table games at casinos are a dying breed - maybe not news to some with the proliferation of poker machines and introduction of ‘Rapid Roulette’ and the type. However watch for the added effect of internet gaming once easy access via digital television occurs in the next few years.


Set your mobile phone up to ring with a touch of the keypad. When you hit a big negative shoe, your ringing phone gives you a ready-made excuse to leave the table to ‘answer the call’.


A full table, inexperienced dealer, plenty of money out and everyone dealt between 13 - 16 against the dealer’s 3. Play continued with the dealer pulling an A, 9, 4 (calling out 17) and then drawing a 5 (calling out too many)!! Everybody held their breath as the "experienced" supervisor carefully supervised the correct paying out of all the various bets by the novice. First time I had witnessed a bust with a 5!


‘You should insure good hands or take even money blackjack’.

Rubbish. You are simply betting on whether the dealer will pull a ‘10’ to his Ace upcard. If you don’t count cards, this bet should be paying 9/4, not 2/1 (there are four 10 valued cards out of all 13 cards), so forget it. Generally this is a far worse bet than any on the roulette table! 
Counters take this option at true +3 or greater. 

Best of Betting!

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