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19/11/2000 Edition No. 2

Blackjack Odds


Australian casinos are becoming more ‘green’ conscious. In line with the state’s restaurant policy, there is now no smoking allowed close to gaming tables at Star City. Expect more casinos to go this way by mid-2001, when other states’ laws come into effect, or if casinos want to head off any future smoking related staff litigation. Also, some Wrest Point tables now have a clear outside view of the Derwent River, giving gamblers some idea whether it’s midday or midnight. Apparently there has been plenty of refurbishing happening recently at Australia’s oldest casino.

How bad for you are bonuses such as Magnificent 7’s (Crown’s baby; 8 decks)?

Two 7’s mixed suits pays 50/1 (should pay 242/1).
Two 7’s same suit: pays 150/1 (should pay 831/1)

Three 7’s mixed suits: pays 500/1 (should pay 3,102/1).
Three 7’s same suit: pays 7,770/1 (should pay 53,179/1).

In an extreme case, a Basic Strategy Blackjack player flat-betting $10 with $1 side wager, would lose around five cents on the hand, but 80 cents on the side wager!! Try telling this gambler they are losing 16 times faster than they should, and listen to the variety of excuses usually beginning with "I know, but I could win $7770", etc....


Occasionally attempt to tip a dealer who has been particularly ‘generous’ to you on a shoe. Dealers can’t accept tips in Australia and this may give the impression to the pit that you are a mug punter who has a carefree attitude about his or her money.


Proud, self-important youngish Frenchman bustles up to the table mid-shoe and typically bangs down his two bets of a few hundred each. Playing like a complete imbecile, the ultimate came when he attempted to draw a card on hard 18 against the dealer’s seven! The dealer waited and waited for this guy to change his obvious mistaken signal, but pride got in the road: he busted and an unlikely dealer 21 followed.


‘Counting is cheating’
Incorrect. Casinos are the ones on dodgy ground when they restrict/bar good players. Casinos readily admit that Blackjack is a game of skill at their "How to Play’ tables, then turn around and discriminate against the people who attract others to the game! Unfortunately, not having the big money and lawyers to tread some difficult legal ground, means the card-counter can be branded a cheat with little recourse.

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