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9/11/2001 Edition No.22

Don't Backbet Poor
Blackjack Players


Blackjack conditions are constantly evolving in Australia. Our website tries to keep an accurate database of the 13 existing casinos, however we cannot be everywhere at once! If you, our subscribers, have more up-to-date information regarding your local casino, please email us so we can make the relevant changes.

Is the Christmas Island casino finally re-opening? A current report into the tender process has voiced concerns that the new owners have been procrastinating in their efforts to start up the resort again. The population of the island has halved since the casino’s closure and many local businesses are now running at a loss. It seems the owners are waiting for a complete recovery in the Asian economy and more regular flight services before they invest further. However, after a few years of neglect, pressure is being brought to bear by the local community and a re-opening before 2003 seems likely.

An interesting phenomenon has been noticed by a) our team and b) a few of our subscribers. In the days or hours leading up to a blackjack restriction, there is a flash or two from the eye-in-the-sky cameras. This may sound like card-counter paranoia, but it is beyond co-incidence when it happens to several people across several casinos.

It makes sense that high quality photographs of counters are needed to be stored on surveillance computers. It also makes sense that if you are aware enough to notice this flash, it is time to give that particular casino a break for a while.


Be wary of back-betting inexperienced players in positive count situations. To avoid drawing attention to themselves, many wongers will not open boxes, but risk their money behind a ‘ploppy’. Unfortunately, this practise is fraught with danger.

Most blackjack players have little idea of correct splitting and doubling strategy, both of which become more valuable as the count increases. Sitting on 16 versus 7,8 and 9 whilst drawing against a 10 are also ‘popular’ moves. Whilst an individual deviation from basic strategy (or strategy warranted by the true count) may not appear valuable, the accumulation of these deviations by an unskilled player can put you at a 3% or greater disadvantage ‘off the bat’. Unless you are able to convince the front player how to play his or her hand, it will be hard to overcome this disadvantage no matter how high the count gets.

Best of Betting!


News 14/10/2001

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