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8/2/2002 Edition No.24

Crown Casino
Leader of the Pack


Crown has again proved itself the leader of Australian casinos and beyond. In their recent advertising they claim: "For the Christmas spirit, there’s no better place to be than Crown".

That will no doubt please people involved in the church or charities who regularly help gamblers who have donated their life savings to the cause.

Crown has officially become a leader in the anti-smoking crusade (OK, the government forced their hand). From September 1st this year, smoking will be banned from all areas outside the high-rollers’ rooms, or within the ‘public domain’. It looks as though Crown have lost their tired-out argument that ‘casinos are not public places’. That is also their weak excuse when they treat card-counters like persona non grata, when no laws have actually been broken.

In the spirit of giving, Crown is abiding by Australia’s new privacy laws. You can apply to find out what information Crown has about you, why they collect it, how it will be used and to whom it will be given. On a recent visit to Adelaide Casino, a correspondent was ‘greeted’ by name (prior to being restricted), although he had never supplied this information to them. Looks like there has been some sharing of personal information between casinos, which is only legal with a person’s explicit consent.

For those lucky enough to have survived the Blackjack Inquisition, card-counters at Crown have been rewarded with the smallest cut yet. It has been reported that dealers are being instructed to cut off less than one deck. By maximising turnover with more hands per hour at blackjack and more spins via rapid roulette, (players place their bets by pressing buttons on a computer and do not place chips on a table), Crown will continue to lead in profits over Star City and the like.


It is important to be sufficiently bankrolled and to not over-bet that bankroll when playing blackjack seriously. Many card counters are able to quickly count cards, make true count conversions and memorise some basic strategy and adjustment tables, but still lose their initial stake.

A good rule of thumb is to have a maximum bet of 1/100th of your bankroll. Periodic reassessment of the size of your bankroll, whether it has grown or shrunk, allows for a safe change of bet size. In real-life casino situations, disciplined betting is one of the more difficult blackjack skills.

Best of Betting!


News 7/12/2001

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