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12/7/2002 Edition No.28

Blackjack Rule Changes


There have been a few changes in rules and conditions for blackjack in Australian casinos.

It appears that the score is now Casinos: 999, Blackjack Players: 2, after Adelaide decided to take original (and busted) bets only against dealer’s blackjack (previously all bets were lost).

Crown have finally realised that no-one is playing on their tables with continuous shuffle machines, so most of these have been trashed. They could have saved themselves loads of money by listening to simple arguments from sites like ours, or following trends in the U.S.A. To the big boys at PBL who have watched a gradual decline in their share price over the last two years: here is some more free advice for your Casino managers...

Stop worrying about card-counters and go back to the one deck cut! Guess what? A few of us may make some money - I know this may turn you green with professional jealousy, but guess what else? Crown will have more playing time against gamblers (ie: 99% of the customers). An old argument, granted, but born out with any simulation you care to run. The classic win-win situation. In anticipation of Crown eventually coming to the same conclusion, we continue with our blackjack coaching:

White Knight Blackjack Coaching
The next course is being run in Melbourne on the weekend of 13th and 14th of July. Classes take place on both days between 1:00pm and 6:00pm. Material covered will include:

Basic Strategy
Bankroll and Money Management
How to Find the Best Game.

You will receive a copy of the course notes, practice sheets, timed tests, completion certificate and ongoing support. The cost is $500 (GST inclusive).

Confidentiality is a priority, so it is standard for participants to sign a declaration saying they do not work or intend to work for a casino. Past students have been very pleased with the easy-to-understand teaching and the range of topics covered (you’ll have to take our word for it!).


One of the worst mistakes a counter can make is to accidentally change the "sign"’ of the running count. Some players have admitted to us that they have become distracted (a common occurrence at a blackjack table) and turned their -12 into +12, or something similar. If you are struggling with your concentration, you might find it helpful to imagine your number as either "black" for positive, or "red" for negative.

Best of Betting!

News 12/5/2002

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