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31/8/2003 Edition No.32

Reef Casino


While the rest of Australia shivers through winter, Cairns offers 27 degree swimming weather and a six deck blackjack game with a fair cut. Is it any wonder that Australia’s world-beating cricket team, gamblers and tourists of all types should descend upon this North Queensland paradise? Unfortunately these conditions also lead to the magical appearance of a mini-convention of advantage players.

Eventually Reef Casino felt compelled to forgo their generous cut changing it to one where less than half the cards were being dealt. Guilt by association meant that friends of certain players who were less than basic strategists, were short-decked on their completely separate tables, to the detriment of the casino bottom-line. Typical paranoid madness!

Crown Casino has hit on a winner with their Perfect Pairs side-bet. Our contact on the dark side has revealed that the house edge of around 4% has increased blackjack profits by close to 50%! We conservatively estimate that takings from this sucker bet dwarf the amount extracted by counters by 10 to 1. Perhaps this explains the "cooler" conditions at Crown in recent times. Why should they worry about a little skimmed by the skilful when they are busy plundering the ploppies?

We couldn’t help noticing the demise of a few more pontoon tables and their replacement game, Lucky Streak. It is the Crown floor managers’ baby and is destined for the scrap-heap alongside all the other shockers (who remembers Crown and Anchor?) The one positive is that they use a single deck. If we can just get them to deal a second round, we might have a beautiful game. Alternatively, just change these tables to single deck blackjack and watch everybody go mad. Come on Crown…save us the $2000 airfare to play the game as it was originally intended!

A Melbourne entrepreneur, Ronan Leonard, has started a ‘Fun’ Casino which sounds like a great idea for functions or parties:

"We bring authentic, full-sized gaming tables to your venue be it an office, your home, function room or even a marquee. With real croupiers, chips and cards, we provide the glamour of Monte Carlo, and will teach, instruct and exhilarate all participants.

Fun money is distributed to everyone, which they may then exchange for chips. Following a brief overview and orientation, we organise a tournament, after which the person with the most chips is deemed the champion. We guarantee action-packed entertainment, with the emphasis on fun, and no-one loses a cent! Our staff can assist you in answering questions, making presentations, on-site inspections, customising floor plans, decorations, and theme packages. Our event manager will discuss every detail of your event from start to finish."

If you are interested or want further information about this business check out:

Best of Betting


News 13/7/2003

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