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9/5/2004 Edition No.34

Crown Casino
Blackjack Playing Conditions


Quite a few subtle changes have been taking place at Crown Casino. In an attempt to eke out every last dollar and discourage any advantage play, Crown is threatening to cook the golden goose. Gamblers are not always as stupid as they seem. Questions are beginning to be asked about different procedures and conditions.

1. Why is everyone allowed to play the Perfect Pairs bet, even if they are not playing that particular box or any box at all?

2. Why can’t I chip up with my winning run – surely the box maximum used to be more than $200, or a 1-20 spread?

3. Why is the dealer not shuffling after the players leave the table? Do I trust a casino that won’t shuffle away a "bad shoe" or even show me the cards are all there when they first come to the table?

4. Why am I being hassled more often than in the past to show identification or my Crown Club card for some points which would be lucky to buy me a coffee?

5. Why are these cards a different thickness to those we played with the other day?

6. Why are they throwing those customers out? It is obvious they weren’t cheating or causing any disturbance. Why did it require ten security guards to do the job? Why are they wasting their time? Where is Crown’s duty of care? Did Crown explain to those ten security guards that they are dealing with honest customers?

OK, perhaps we’re asking too much…

PBL is attempting to buy Burswood Casino in Perth by making an offer of $1.40 per share. This is approximately a 30% increase over the average value of the shares in the year before the offer. We believe it is a smart business move because of the proximity to Asia and alternative attractions for the rich high-rollers which PBL has on its books. The west of Australia has been a Blackjack wasteland since the closing of the Christmas Island Casino and the introduction of CSM’s (continuous shuffling machines) on the main floor at Burswood. We can only hope that the current paranoid management are shown the door for their pathetic running of table games over the past several years.


Mathematically there is no reason to have a stop-win or stop-loss figure for any Blackjack session. Simply play the hours you have decided to devote to the game, record your results and be aware your career is really just one long session.

Good cards and more in 2004 (Year of the Monkey),

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