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You will win more money if you don't automatically place nets on horses that are well supported in the betting market with totes or bookmakers until you know where the best odds are.

See for yourself how you can win more money.

In the tables below you can compare bookmaker starting price and bookmaker top fluctuation odds for Melbourne and Sydney racing on horses that have a bookmaker starting price of $5.50 or shorter with the tote dividend odds many winning punters received for wagers on those horses

Remember the smart, long term winning punters always try and get the best odds.

Understanding the tables:

Tote: This is the tote dividend payout price for a dollar bet and includes your dollar.

Starting Price: This is the official betting ring bookmakers' starting price of the horse. This is the price most commonly available in the bookmakers' betting ring just before the horses jump.

Top Fluctuation: The top fluctuation is the official betting ring best price most commonly available about the horse in the bookmakers' betting ring. Better prices are often available to punters who are quick at the horse racing track.

Your Extra Profits:
This shows how your $100 winning bet fared with the bookmakers at official starting price and top fluctuation odds in the betting ring compared with the tote dividend price many winning punters received.

For example:
+ 90 in the Your Extra Profits column underneath Starting Price means your $100 winning bet with the bookmaker won $90 more at starting price than the same size wager many winning punters received on the tote.

- 90 in the Your Extra Profits column underneath Top Fluctuation means your $100 winning bet with the bookmaker won $90 less at top fluctuation than the same size wager many winning punters received on the tote.

Caulfield 14/5/2011





Extra Profits


Extra Profits

Volando 3.10 3.50 + 40 3.274 + 17.4
Hawks Bay 3.30 4.00 + 70 3.80 + 50
Shylock's Daughter 2.50 2.80 + 30 2.80 + 30
Beyond Pardon 5.10 7.50 + 240 5.00 - 10
Curtana 2.70 3.20 - 50 3.20 - 50
Shadowfax 4.60 5.00 + 40 5.00 + 40
There was no Sydney metropolitan horse race meeting held this Saturday, with the main race meeting being held at Scone horse race track.

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