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31/5/2013 edition 

Win Money Betting Horses

Many astute punters use a simple horse racing betting system to back plenty of winners at excellent odds, as well as successfully betting trifectas, first fours, doubles etc. They simply note the key runs of a few select horses each week and black book them. Then betting smart, they follow them.

Each week we will give you some runs worth noting by horses from Saturday's racing.

Keep a record of the horses, black book them, bet smart and you too could regularly be betting some big odds winners and collecting some great dividends.

Here are the latest horses to be added to our Horse Watch list.


Horse Watch - May 2013

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Bit Of Hell

4YO horse
Trainer - Mick Price
Jockey - Nicholas Hall


She's Clean
4YO mare
Trainer - Chris Waller
Jockey - Jason Collett


Tax Evader
4YO gelding
Trainer - Jeffrey Caught
Jockey - Kerrin McEvoy

2YO colt
Trainer - Chris Waller
Jockey - Jim Cassidy



Desert Wizard

3YO gelding
Trainer - Nigel Blackiston
Jockey - Damian Lane


Hallside Rose
2YO filly
Trainer - Dennis Heinemann
Jockey - Jim Byrne

3YO gelding
Trainer - Peter Snowden
Jockey - Ric McMahon


Our Miss Bossy
2YO filly
Trainer - Phillip Stokes
Jockey - Adrian Patterson

Planet Voyage
3YO gelding
Trainer - Peter G. Moody
Jockey - Dom Tourneur




3YO filly
Trainer - Anthony Freedman
Jockey - Thomas Sadler

Midsummer Sun

5YO gelding
Trainer - Sam Kavanagh
Jockey - Glen Boss


Big Bonanza
5YO gelding
Trainer - Jenny Duggan
Jockey - Don Robb

Eagle Farm


2YO colt
Trainer - Hugh Bowman
Jockey - Chris Waller


4YO gelding
Trainer - Chris Munce
Jockey - Kelso Wood


Lucky Penny
4YO mare
Trainer - Peter Morgan & Craig Widdison
Jockey - Darren Gauci

4YO gelding
Trainer - Richard Jolly
Jockey - Paul Gatt



The Messina Nymph

2YO filly
Trainer - Tony McEvoy
Jockey - Nicholas Hall

Good Value

6YO gelding
Trainer - Michael Kent
Jockey - Michael Walker

Gold Coast

Soapy Star
3YO filly
Trainer - Kris Lees
Jockey - Brenton Avdulla

3YO gelding
Trainer - Peter Snowden
Jockey - Tim Clark

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