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"Paul and the team at R2W have been nothing short of fantastic. The product is exceptional and backed up by excellent customer service. The depth of data available and the numerous ways to interrogate that data are cutting edge and streets ahead of any of the other publicly available databases. If you are serious about punting this is a must. - Barry Jones (Cebu, Philippines)

"For the past 30 years, I have been interested in the challenge of trying to select winners at a greater rate than the market as a whole can do.  For me, the foundation of this pursuit is data analysis – so I have always looked for the highest quality of data available.  That pursuit has led me to investigate a number of ratings products on the market.  The latest, clearly the best, and what will be my last, is the R2W Axis software.  For me, the benefit of this software all comes down to quality:
• Quality of Product – The software provides excellent functionality and ratings options to  investigate and identify the leading chances in any given race;
• Quality of Ratings – My main desire was to find a source of excellent quality speed ratings.  At the foundation of R2W Axis is exactly that; and
• Quality of Service – The service provided by the team at R2W has consistently exceeded my high expectations when it comes to customer service.
I can highly recommend R2W Axis to anyone seriously looking for key data to help them improve thei
r chances of making a profit from the enjoyable pursuit that is punting.- Gareth Downey (Matamata, NZ)"

"Having previously used two thoroughbred ratings software packages for 5+ years with very limited success, I decided to review a number of alternative products which are commercially available in the marketplace. This lead to me purchasing the full Ratings2Win professional suite. Since I started using it, I've found the various ratings produced by R2W to be more reliable and the form assessment tools to be very comprehensive, which has enabled me to analyse form in ways I have never been able to in the past. The R2W speed maps are consistently accurate and there are a couple of additional reports and features which have added another dimension to my race form assessment process. I am very impressed with R2W and feel I can now bet with far greater confidence." - James (VIC) (surname withheld at client's request)

"For many years now I have generated my own ratings, as well as following ratings generated by at least 10 commercial rating services. Since using Paul and Michal's ratings these last 3 years as a private client, I can say without hesitation that their ratings not only outperform all the other rating services I use, they outperform my own as well, both in terms of strike rate and profit on turnover. I can honestly say that I have never seen ratings like these. I am sure that many subscribers to other ratings services will now change who they use and commence using ratings2win as their ratings provider." - Barry Wheatley (VIC)

"I have been doing my own ratings successfully over many years, never wanting to trust another rating over mine. Since I began using Ratings2win, I can say with confidence their ratings, especially their SR rating is of a high standard. Their inbuilt system tools allow you to accurately measure horses performances. Whilst I believe that some additional form assessment is required, I am convinced that you can confidently use Ratings2win products/services as a base to build your own successful betting models." - Michael (VIC) (surname withheld due to client's corporate profile)

"I've been using the R2W Axis, and have particularly been impressed by the Speed Ratings, the IR Price, and the predicted speed map. I find them not only very accurate but a big assistance in my own form study. Their IR price is a very strong guide to the key chances and a great way to cut through the maze of form study." - Cameron O'Brien (VIC) Punters Club Online

"Ratings2Win gives you a huge head start and the edge that you need get the results that keep you in front. The selection guidance and recommended wagering strategies contained within their SRA - specialised race assessments are brilliant!" - Peter Kumnick (QLD) 

"I am fortunate to have been privy to Paul Daily's Sydney assessments since 2005. During that time I have been repeatedly impressed with the quality of his assessments and the results that they bring. It seems like he has covered all the angles. Paul does not take any shortcuts in his quest to obtain the most relevant information that goes towards his historical and now the Ratings2Win SRA assessments. The results clearly speak for themselves. I know for a fact that he bets substantially on his selections, the same ones he now recommends to clients of the SRA. I continue to receive this information as I believe that armed with the SRA, I have a greater chance of winning, betting on NSW racing." - Albert Chiu (QLD)

"What a wonderful winning time I have had using the SRA. The results from today - four out of seven recommended races, and the prices, $11.00, $21.00, $7.50 and $6.00. Congratulations and a big thank you. I am definitely continuing to use the service for each meeting." - Eva Matula (NSW) 







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