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Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about the Ratings2Win software, R2W Axis?

Unique Characteristics
Each day the Ratings2Win servers literally perform millions of calculations in order to produce our final ratings. The information derived from these calculations aids us so that we can continue to address and develop improved functionality and ratings performance. The following summarises many of the unique data and functions available in our outstanding ratings2win software, called R2W Axis.

To find out about all the features listed below just click this link. (There are also more Frequently Asked Questions lower down this page!)

R2W Selection Finder

R2W Selection Analyser

R2W Personal Horse Flags

Your Black Book

Key Race/Trial for TAB Meetings

Concensus Panel

Tab Prices Direct

R2W Speed Rating

R2W Intelligence Rating

R2W Best Distance range

R2W Peak Distance Rating


R2W JR and TR

R2W Past 20 Race Data Basic

R2W Past 20 Race Data

Your form comments

R2W Indicators

R2W Last Performance Rank

R2W Weight Performance Rank

R2W Distance Performance Rank

Indicators and LWD Performance Ranks

Super Jockey & Trainer

Early Speed Reports

More Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the Ratings2Win software, R2W Axis, work on any computer?

Axis Requirements

As a minimum to operate the R2W Axis software you will need a Windows XP computer with at least 1gigabyte of ram, however more is preferred. In terms of hard disk storage you will need about 1 gigabyte for the software database and then multiples of that for each back up you allow the program to perform for you. The minimum screen resolution is 1024 by 768. Due to  the compact nature of the program and the amount of information required to be displayed your DPI settings must be set to default We unfortunately don't cater for smaller mobile technology as it is not a suitable partner for our software.

For a broad overview that focuses on areas that we are mostly asked about click here.

2. Will I get the results that you are getting? I have in the past bought software that delivered different results than those that were shown by the author, there was more involved or manual adjustments that were supposed to be done which I am not sure I know how to do.


That is the simple answer. We can’t obviously guarantee what results we get, however what you get in the files is exactly what we are working with. Our results haven’t changed for years in regards to the strike rate, which is the only thing we can control, in fact strike rate has progressively improved as we constantly update our methods. The figures that we quote are the results over nearly 3 years and will always be over the entire period of our back data catalogue, not over a purple patch of a few months. As such they are solid and reliable due to the large number of races in the sample. The only manual work involved is the Consensus panel and system development which is up to the individual user and is simple to achieve. We are always here to help with that if you feel that you need assistance.

3. ‘Not Responding’. I tend to get this message, what is the problem?

‘NOT RESPONDING’ message while downloading or saving data is a normal occurrence in the program and does not mean the program has crashed. It is an indication that the program is not to be disturbed while it is completing a database operation such as writing data. Be patient, most operations are resolved within a minute. Watch the status line for the progress of the program.

4. How much bandwidth will all these files take up? I’m on a limited internet plan.

The largest download file for a Saturday is about 0.5 megabyte in size, most files are smaller than that. A visit to, which is a news site downloaded 2.2 megabytes just to display the front page. That should give you a comparison, our downloads are small compared to most web sites sizes you may be browsing every day.

5. About the Live Updates, does that have to run all the time? I’m on a limited internet plan.

The Live updates can be turned off if you are concerned, however remember that the manual states that the data is updated only when you request it, so they are not running in the background dumping information into Axis. It is up to you to work out how best to balance the need to get Live updates with your internet plan limits, however be assured that the usage is very small compared to general browsing on the internet.

6. Do I need to download all files; I don’t punt on weekdays other than Wednesday and Saturday.

You should always download only the files that you need. So if you don’t need a day’s file, then just download the Resulted file the next day for your records and system testing.

7. Are the files updated during the day? I’d like to stay on top of any changes.

No, once a file is released, it will not be updated. Axis has Live updates to take care of late scratchings, track condition and race time changes as well as TAB prices.

8. I am trying to see some data, but the columns are gone, when I look in yesterdays file they are there, filled OK.

You don’t have a subscription level that enables that data in today’s files. We are extremely fair with the way we let users see data. As such we let everyone see data in resulted files, so that you can make informed decisions about increasing your subscription if you wish to avail yourself of what you are missing, however on the race day, before the files are resulted you can only see what you pay for.

Note: while we let you view data outside of your subscription level, you won’t be able to use it in system tests or the consensus panel. Still, you can see the analysis for these form elements in system tests even if you can’t use them, again in order to make an informed decision should you wish to upgrade your subscription level.

9. Can I have an additional licence for my work computer/laptop?

Certainly, we can organise a very generous discount for your second subscription, otherwise we don’t offer a second licence. If you wish to take your punting on the road, may we suggest that you set up Axis on a laptop instead on the home PC. We may, at our discretion, depending on your subscription level, allow you to temporarily locate your data, and settings to a second copy of Axis on a different computer, however you will not be able to download data to the original copy. This can be then be used if you are travelling.

10. Do I have to pay for updates?

Updates to Axis are free, updates do not however extend to functionality that you haven’t originally paid for, such as a higher level of subscription or a licence extension to use some of the additional features that are available. We have different prices for different levels of access to help clients to effectively manage their budget. Once you have paid for a level of access any updates to it are free. All you pay is for is the ongoing data subscription.

11. I just updated the program and now I am told that I am no longer licensed to use it!

The problem is likely that you have installed the program to a different directory. When you update you must always install into the same directory from which you uninstall, because it contains all your files, data, settings and so on. Another possibility might be that you have uninstalled the program using an aftermarket uninstaller that has wiped Axis clean off your drive. Please follow instructions on how to update the program in the manual and remember where it is supposed to be installed if you originally chose to install to a custom directory.

Should you have any other questions please send Neil an e-mail:
Click here.


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