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Let's see how to make money on horse racing, betting our Gold Specials.

We all agree that sensible people wouldn't take $1.50 about heads or tails on the toss of a coin. They'd want even money - $2.00.

Betting on horses is no different!

We look after our members. We don't want our members taking any odds available about a horse. Because when punters back horses and don't know the right odds to take it can be no different to taking $1.50 about heads or tails on the toss of a coin.

That's why most punters lose money.

So of course we give you each Gold Special with our professionally worked out dollar odds that you need for value to help you become a smart, winning punter.

Now let's have a look at the Caulfield meeting from 2nd. September, 2006.

We gave out three Gold Specials for the meeting:

In race one we gave Jacqueline Rouge as a 17 units bet with $6.00 needed.
Jacqueline Rouge missed a place with $6.50 bet.
Result: Lose 17 units

You decide what a unit is. For example, it could be $5.00, $10.00 or even much more.

In race five we gave Growl as a 26 units bet with $3.80 needed.
Growl won
with $5.00 bet.
Result: Win 104 units

In race seven we gave Chiack as an 18 units bet with $5.50 needed.
Chiack won
with $7.50 bet.
Result: Win 117 units

Profit at Caulfield - 204 units.

If a unit was $5.00 then $1,020 profit was possible. Just three bets at Caulfield more than paid for one year's membership!

We have used top fluctuation bookmaker odds to determine the odds available. This is the same method a leading Punters' Watchdog service uses to work out how profitable racing services are when minimum odds needed are given with the selections.

What are top fluctuation bookmaker odds? They are simply the highest price that was commonly available in the bookies betting ring at the racetrack where the horses are racing. Better odds can often be found in the betting ring and elsewhere.

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