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13/7/2001 edition

Horse Racing Betting Tips

Jumps betting spills

Look what happened in the $150,000 Grand National Hurdle, held last Saturday at the punters' graveyard, the biased Flemington Racetrack.

In the field of 13 jumpers Classic Prince was sent out the unbelievably short favourite at a paltry $2.50 in the 4000 metres race. Reckon he will win 40% of the time? That's what is needed to break even over the long term. Anyway, he fell at the first jump.

The race was also the first leg of the quadrella. Many punters, if they followed the popular media advice and took Classic Prince one out to win, were also wiped out there in a matter of seconds .

For our many overseas visitors the quadrella is a very popular bet where punters try and pick the winners of four selected races and hopefully get a bonanza payout.

At the last hurdle $61.00 bolter Loose Truth was leading. All he had to do was clear it and he could have won the race. He dipped and threw the rider.

So much for betting on the jumps.

Flemington racetrack - useless

Not only was last week's Grand National Hurdle at Flemington a betting disaster for punters, but the racetrack, not unexpectedly, was biased yet again.

It was a raging leaders' track with a fast lane near the inside rails. A lot of form from the meeting was basically useless. However, the track is still no excuse for run on horses who were beaten out of sight.

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Top Odds Are Important

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Did you back any of these winners last week?
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Get these prices? Or these prices!! Extra percentage won Extra Profit $100 bet
Danyon 6.60 9.00 52% $240
Harsh Praise 4.70 6.50 49% $180
Corps Commander 5.00 6.50 38% $150
Figurante 4.90 6.00 28% $110
Madison 4.00 5.00 33% $100
Treviscay 5.00 6.00 25% $100
Pittance 3.80 4.60 29% $80
Magic Hatter 2.20 2.80 50% $60

Back Tote Longshots?

Get these prices? Or these prices!! Extra Profit $100 bet
Sponge 17.50 25.90 $840
Late Whisper 21.30 29.70 $840
Risky Venture 25.40 30.40 $500
La Zoffany 37.50 42.40 $490
Spring Warrior 22.30 26.20 $390
Obscenic 24.20 27.50 $330
Secret Decree 14.40 17.20 $280

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