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20/6/2003 edition

First Four Betting
Money Can Be Made

Have a look at the first four payouts from the New South Wales tote each Saturday. You will find plenty of dividends in excess of $10,000.

Many first four punters do not accurately bet and stake first fours.

Without the time or ability to correctly analyse form, their betting is based upon looking at the tote approximates and then aiming to collect that race. So their betting is based around the most favoured horses on the tote. That method is doomed to lose.

Despite the significant tote take, money can be made betting on first fours. With flexi betting on the New South Wales tote you do not have to outlay a fortune to cover the right combinations.

If you take one horse to win with seven horses for second and 11 horses for third and fourth with one dollar units your outlay would be $630. But with flexi betting you can get 10% of the collect for an outlay of $63 or 5% of the collect for an outlay of $31.50.

You could also take one horse as a banker to finish first, second, third or fourth with those same seven horses to win or come second and the 11 horses for third and fourth. The outlay would be multiplied by four.

The keys to first fours are:

1. Race selection - most races of 10 horses or less are no good for first four betting.

2. Getting horses at long odds that most punters leave out. You are wasting your money if you take a short priced tote favourite with another short priced tote horse for second. If you have a horse around $3.00 to win you must aim for horses at big tote odds in your first four.

Some of the best races to bet in are fields of 13 to 15 runners with the favourite at around $4.00 to $5.00. If you find the winner with a few roughies in your first four you'll be laughing.

Our premium betting package can help you get a share of some of the huge first four dividends that winning punters collect.

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