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4/2/2001 Edition No. 10

Wrest Point Casino


Wrest Point Casino

For those wishing to visit Wrest Point Casino in Hobart, certain blackjack conditions must be taken into account.

Firstly, the colour and denomination of the chips is a little disconcerting at first. They have $5, $10 and $50 chips which are black(!), orange and yellow respectively. This causes confusion for counters used to betting piles of $25 green chips according to the true count. Also, care must be taken by players and dealer not to mix up the 10’s and 50’s!

Secondly, with a recent restructure of the gaming floor, half the blackjack tables have disappeared, being replaced by either poker machines or the dreaded over-exposed pontoon.

Conditions for the gaming staff seem to be less than perfect too. Apparently they’re being asked to work longer and stranger hours for no more money. A stop-work meeting to discuss the issues, actually closed the casino for half a day on our latest visit. Table games are only open between 2pm. and around 2am., so you may find it quite difficult to play the hours that are required for a profitable blackjack trip away.

If a good counter with sufficient bankroll plays enough hours of blackjack, the weight of expectation will eventually make him or her a winner. Unfortunately, "eventually" might mean 1000 hours of play! Using team-play with trustworthy(!) and competent partners, has the effect of reaching a winning number of hours faster. In addition, the combining of individuals’ bankrolls allows a team to wager larger amounts with less risk, resulting in bigger profits. Casinos are always on the lookout for teams, so it is important to never be seen making contact with other team members, and especially not be seen sharing out session wins or losses.

Many blackjack players starting off counting believe there is a difference as to which box is played on a table. As long as a player counts all the cards dealt to the point in determining the true count for betting and strategy plays, it doesn’t matter where they sit. True count tends to remain the same value, so there is no question that decisions will be more accurate if you sit closer to the dealer. The only practical advantage that this may give a counter is a little more time to see the cards before being "under the pump" to make a decision to sit, draw or whatever.

Best of betting!
News 28/01/2001

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