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28/1/2001 Edition No. 9

Be Undetected as a Counter  


Continuous Shuffle Machines
The invasion of continuous shuffle machines (CSM’s) continues throughout Australia. These machines, in theory, allow more hands of Blackjack per hour to be played and therefore increase casino turnover. This is achieved by the dealer putting discards back into the CSM after every round. They have the added ‘bonus’ of making card-counting difficult, if not impossible.

In practise, time is wasted by the dealer having to constantly turn and place the cards back in the machine. Also, punters and dealers complain about having no breaks. A Perth correspondent assures us that CSM’s have been placed throughout Burswood Casino, but of course, not in the high-rollers’ area. This experiment also continues in one pit at Crown. Despite rumours to the contrary, we don’t believe Crown will proliferate the casino with CSM’s. Mass restrictions of card-counters is the continuing standard policy there, so why would they be bothered with that, if they were about to make the game counter-unfriendly?

Plan Your Blackjack Trips
When planning a Blackjack trip away at an interstate casino, you want to make sure you play under the best possible conditions. The rules of the game and size of cut may be factors not under your control, however, the timing of your trip could be just as important. During long weekends or holidays, you’ll find some casinos open up more Blackjack tables. Conversely, you might find that late at night, mid-week you’re able to get a good one-on-one game without much heat.

If you want to remain undetected as a counter, you’ll want to mix in with the local casino crowd. Time your trip with a current sporting event or other festival, and wear appropriate clothes. Carry around a half-drunk glass of beer and make sure you actually know something about the event that’s on, so you can chit-chat with the supervisors and pit-bosses, whilst keeping count out of the corner of your eye. All this takes practice, but is part of the cat-and-mouse game counters have to play.


Never give unsolicited advice at the table. Unless you want to deliberately annoy other players (which may be your tactic to get a game by yourself), you’ll find that everyone hates an expert, especially casino staff. If your advice is "correct" all the time, you may blow your cover as a counter or at least a good basic strategy player. 

Best of betting!
News 14/01/2001

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