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14/1/2001 Edition No. 8

Canberra Fair for Counters  


New Year’s Eve in Casino Canberra was something to witness this year. All the pit bosses, supervisors and dealers wore pyjamas, some of them cross-dressing. Plenty of free punch and champagne was available and heaps of money thrown around. It was a public relations success. During a two weeks stay, we also discovered a more liberal attitude towards card-counters, with minimum-bet restrictions only applied if the shoe wasn’t played from the beginning. However, if a supervisor knew a (good) card-counter was about to play a new shoe, the eight decks were cut half-way. Careful observation and timing were required to receive a normal cut.

At the opposite end of the scale is another casino. Recently rumour has it they have been threatening restricted players attempting to play with fines of $2000. Do they truly believe they are the police, jury and judge in these cases? This casino is in danger of becoming a joke. We still recommend a walk away, no communication policy when confronted by security staff in this way.


Card-counters often make themselves noticed by their ice-cool exterior when betting large amounts of money and seemingly being unaffected by a large win or loss. It is good to show some emotion, especially during a loss (known as ‘steaming’) so you can bang out you next large bet according to a large true count, in the appearance of angrily chasing money. If you have a big win, it should be made obvious that you are only getting back some of your losses from another table.


When you find a good positive one-on-one situation against the dealer, inevitably you find that someone else wants to come in and play and in effect, eat up the good cards. By politely asking "Do you mind if I just finish the shoe?", you’ll find most gamblers have the etiquette to either back-bet or wait for the new shuffle.


‘These Blackjack rules (eight deck game) are no good compared to this other casino’ -

In Australia, the rules vary in just about every casino to some small degree. The most important factor, however, is the size of the cut. It is mathematically preferable to play in Adelaide: one deck cut (double on 9,10,11 only, lose all bets on dealer’s blackjack), than Hobart: two decks cut (double on any two cards, lose original bet only).

Best of betting!
News 24/12/2000

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