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24/12/2000 Edition No. 7

They can't arrest you!


Players with their ‘licence’ revoked to be on a certain casino's premises (including yours truly), need not fear arrest, as threatened. Advice we have received from lawyers and the Victorian Police says that a person "trespassing" must be asked to leave first before any police action can be taken. We suggest once you are detected and confronted, to leave without arguing or even talking to casino personnel. This is also good advice for those of you counters who may, sometime in the future, find yourselves tapped on the shoulder and handed a "letter of restriction" in regards to playing blackjack.

A few people have been asking us about the continuous shuffle machines at Crown and whether they are beatable. Although difficult, we believe there is a way in theory, if it can be determined how many rounds (hands) are required before discards begin to come back into play. Using statistics to ‘clock’ one of these machines over about 500 consecutive hands on a steady table (similar number of players and pace of play), we can find this constant (X hands). The Running Count for only the last X hands must be kept (counting in X piles of chips can be used to help here):

Divide this RC into 5 (decks used) - X * average decks dealt per round = True Count.

If this sounds a little daunting, I recommend a general boycott of these machines and telling gamblers "You don’t get an idea of the cards that have come out" to discourage them from playing on these tables. If casino takings drop on these tables, the continuous shuffle machines will eventually be pulled out.


When trying to find a "positive expectation table", card counters often wander around a casino looking for new shuffles. By keeping a mental note of when a new shoe is due on various tables, you can increase your win-rate by leaving a table starting to go ‘negative’ (say True Count -1), and beginning again elsewhere at True Count 0.


When playing third base (last box) with a close decision (eg: 16 vs 10), ask others on the table what you should do. You can then accept or decline their advice!


"Bad players bring the whole table down". 
Incorrect, as they are just as likely to help as to hurt you. However, slow players do decrease turnover through time-wasting.

Best of betting!
News 17/12/2000

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